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  1. Not had tints before.. would be grateful for advice!

    Im NOT looking for blacked out 'pimp' style, but am considering something a little stronger than standard.

    The car is an Atlas Grey A4 sport, standard sport bodykit, I think a medium tint should suit this well..

    What do I look for?
    Whats the legal position? (I would prefer to be legal)
    Wheres a good place to get this done?(Southampton/Bournemouth area ideally)
    Can anyone post sample pics of different percentages?
    anyone already tinted an atlas grey a4 saloon?

    Thank you!
  2. imported_G4JSG

    imported_G4JSG Guest

    Legal position is you cannot have any further tint added to the front driver & passenger windows at all. If you do and get stopped you will get a £30 fine.

    you can have any level on the rear windows.

    I would say 50% on the fornt, if you want to take the risk. Then 30% on all other windows.

    I have done this on my last 6 cars and they look great.


  3. hmmm.. ok, didnt know you couldnt tint the fronts! thanks for that!

    this is the kind of look i was thinking of: A quick bit of photshoppery, according to which this should be about a 35% tint sides and rear..


    any comments?
  4. any reccomendations for where to go to get this done?

    Bournemouth / Southampton area ideally...
  5. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    that looks lighter than 35%, it looks almost 50% prefer that to 35% now even though i have 35% which i think after the initial few months doesn't look as classy as 50%
    i've had tints a year and a half on it i'm thinking of decreasing the fronts to 50% to stop future hastle

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