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Timing Belts ... Do Not wait for 115K on an S3...

RobinW Oct 20, 2006

  1. RobinW

    RobinW New Member

    My timing belt was fine (I assume) but a stuck idler on the belt mechanism took out the belt, engine and 1800 quid from my bank account....

    Mileage was just under 80K, just got the vehicle back and the engine startup is much much smoother now (I also replaced the chain and tensioner as part of the whole darn lot).

  2. Sorry to hear that.
    I did mine at ~60k and ~120k. It's a good insurance policy IMO.
    The belts themselves are only guaranteed for 1 year anyway IIRC.
  3. A3steve

    A3steve Member

    Bought my A3 with 89,000 on the clock, I changed the Cam belt/tensioner and idler before i started to use it, Good Job i did as it was in a right state! while i was at it, i changed the plastic impellered water pump for the metal type.

    Feel sorry for you mate, thats a lot of money!

    Secret Squirrel,Are those R32 rims on your A3?

    Regards Steve
  4. theitalian3

    theitalian3 Member

    i was the same

    bought it with 98 on it, straight into the workshop, we changed the cambelt, tensioners, altenator belt and gave it a good once over

    things weren't looking to good, belt was in a state, but managed to catch it in time

    no one wants bent valves, especially 20 of them!

    unlucky mate sorry to hear it gave up on you
  5. rustys3

    rustys3 New Member

    I decided to change mine before my trip to the Ring. I also decided to change the water pump at the same time. Good job I did as the impeller on the water pump had started to break up.
    So to cut a long story short, dont wait until 120k to change belt and when you do decide to change the belt, replace the tensioner pulley, idler & water pump at the same time.



    P.S. when purchasing your timing belt, ask for the timing belt kit whick includes the tensioner & idler. This saves you about 50quid buying it this way.

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