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Timing Belt Cost

bobbinz Jul 31, 2007

  1. bobbinz

    bobbinz Flat out ......in neutral

    Just wondering if you guys out there could give me a giude as to what I should be paying to have the timing belt changed on an A6, PD130 engine. Just been quoted £390 odd from the local stealer. :faint: "And that includes a discount due to the age of the car sir...":faint::faint::faint:

    If I can make a decent saving I'll travel a bit to get the job done - so I'm interested in Northern UK really - Manchester to Southern Scotland.

    Would help to know if the pricing includes stuff like the pulleys as well as the belt
  2. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member

    30 miles further south, but both Stoke Audi and Stafford Audi are doing fixed price cambelts changes for £275 inc vat. This doesnt include the water pump though.

    search for cambelt change on ebay and you'll find them

  3. livlee1

    livlee1 Member

    Have you tried a local garage that you know wont rip you off, i got mine done last week at my local family run friendly garage.On a 99 1.9tdi-- a4..belt, tensioner kit, auxillary belts and new water pump(all audi /vw parts, as he showed me when he got them in) obviously included a coolant change!! for £319 all in..:icon_thumright:

    so might be worth going down that route unless you want all audi stamps in your book, but i wasnt fussed due to age of car, plus of course they stamped the book too.:happy:

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