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time to uprate tdi... few questions!

Matt_ Mar 7, 2010

  1. Matt_

    Matt_ Member

    Ok, have spent all morning on the search button, but still not really found what i want to know...

    So a few questions... Mins a 54plate 140 tdi sport,
    So am thinking amd remap, with what seems to be a norm of uprated panel filter and staying on 17's i think unless torque means i dont get enough bite on the road.

    I dont want coilovers cos there to hard for every day driving imo. But it does need something doing about body roll, so was thinking uprated antiroll bars and front lower arms for some neg camber...

    But will all anitroll bars work well with standard suspension? or do some work better than others?

    Brakes, lets be hounest, there not great!!!!
    i know theres alot of talk of uprating the to S3 set up, but this is a bit extreme for how i will be using the car, so was wondering what people think about just uprating discs and pads, ie tarrox discs and ebc pads.
    Or is it worth going the extra and putting next size discs on, from a mk5 gti say?

    Have tried to find an idiot guide and parts list for the brakes, but cant seem to find one... maybe im just **** at searching lol.

    Any comments and parts needed for any of the above would be greatly recieved! :yes:
  2. devonmikeyboy

    devonmikeyboy As far from JBS as possible !

    ARB`s will work with stock suspension.
    Brakes either change the pads to a set of DS2500 and leave the discs as discs will make sod all difference on your set up or get a S3/Golf GTI set up for £300. Personally i wouldn`t **** on EBC discs if they where on fire.

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