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Tighten or replace serpentine belt A3 tdi

robtdi Sep 19, 2011

  1. robtdi

    robtdi New Member

    I just want to discuss issues with my serpentine belt (or Alternator/water pump belt) on my A3 Tdi.
    I think it needs tightening more than anything. The reasons I believe this is because:
    - When i turn the steering wheel at stand still it seems harder to turn than what it should normally be
    - There seems to be a slight vibration through the steering when turned
    - The belt sounds like its slipping by making a loud, unattractive squeaking. As soon as i spray some WD onto the belt the squeaking goes away for a day before it comes back again. This would confirm that the belt would be slipping?

    Is there a chance that the belt can be tightened ? I dont think it needs replacing as the belt looks in good condition and i think it was replaced a couple of years ago.

    Any help would be appreciated.. thanks
  2. doublem_1

    doublem_1 Member

    I need to replace mine, it has some cracks on it so I am going to do it very soon. When the air con is turn on theres a odd noise, very hard to describe, when under approx 1500rpm. I'm thinking it could be the belt or maybe the tensioner.

    I don't know how you'd tighten it. They are on a automatic tensioner. Maybe get underneath and slacken it whilst spraying some grease into the bearings (NOT WD40, this will dry it out) and work it in.

    Hope this helps.

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