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Ticking noise from engine under acceleration.....?

matt_simo1 Feb 22, 2013

  1. matt_simo1

    matt_simo1 Member

    Hi all, i have a ticking noise coming from the engine area when i accelrate.....its a really strange one. If you free rev its not there... if i accelerate using 10 percent throttle its not there but as soon as you put 20 percent throttle the ticking starts.....it doesnt matter if its cold or hot. Now i checked the exhaust manifold bolts, they were all loose...so orderd new bolts gasket and nuts from audi and fitted...torqued all up to 25nm....started still ticked. re did and fitted another gaskett and torqued to 40nm still ticking. I removed the manifold last time and checked for cracks.....its fine. I then performed a smoke test when the car was hot....found no leaks. Because thats what it sounds like to me a manifold tick....but its not that, I should point out i have a de-cat and full milltek system fitted. But its not leaking anywere. Ive changed the oil and filter last week and flushed the engine to remove all **** deposits as i know these are prone to that.....

    Its REALLY noticable when you drive through a built up area and cars are either side as the noise bounces of eveything and makes the car sound like a bag of nails....

    Any ideas cheers guys and girls

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