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Throttle Pos sensor

confusionhunter Jul 8, 2006

  1. Hi folks.... OK I know My way around A fair few VWs, the S4 I've conquered, but now Im trying to learn about TDi's.... I recently got a non PD A3 110 Tdi 98.

    I want to make it run at its best before I get it mapped. SO Ive been storing up info as I go. This afternoon I was going to test if the Dielectric grease on the maf makes any difference. Ive seen some feedback that it works well, I wanted to test that and have some conclusive proof. MOre on that later.
    Other things Ive read about TDis that need to be tip top...
    MAF(you can use VAGCOM to check)
    EGR ( you can pysically check)
    Boost pipes( Im gonna make a Intake pressure tester like I did for the S4).
    Anything else?

    Now..... S4 owners use VAGCOM to monitor certain groups in the ECU to tell if its happy or not and do "FATS" times(For the Advancement of The S). Basically it times how long it gets from 4000 to 6500 revs in 3rd.... Owners then can compare times and see what differences what mods make to their cars without using rolling road....

    So I thought Id create a benchmark and try a FATTOB time ( For the Advancement of The Turbo Oil Burners :D)

    SO I chose the rev range 2000 to 4200..... I'll post another post when Ive finished and done the FATTOB spreadsheet etc etc... any way....To the Point of this post:

    Anyway I did some testing and noticed that at full throttle the Throttle position sensor never reads more than 90%..... That obviously isnt great so My question is.... where is the sensor and how so I adjust it? I havent looked yet as the weather is miserable........ so I thought Id post....

  2. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    If its the throttle potentiometer, then it'll be in the throttle pedal.

    On an 8L, to replace it, you have to replace the whole pedal - as it comes complete. Replacement is really easy, one or two bolts and a electrical connector.

    The only downside is the cost of the part..
  3. OK doke I'll have look later on..... It might just be there isnt enough travel on the pedal or something........
  4. Sorted! I found instructions for the LHD drive vehicles where the sensor swivels in its bracket..... only after taking off the bottom part of the dash board did I realise the RHD version is even easier... you dont even need to take the dash apart.... on the left hand side of the clutch pedal there is a white plastic 13mm nut..... you adjust this to get max throttle..... so I plugged in VAGCOM.... pressed the throttle pedal all the way down adjusted the nut.... bang on 100% all the time...... and obvioulst returnes to 0% safely.

    I wonder how long the previous owner drove the car with only 90% throttle!!!
    Im off to do more testing! now I can try the dielectric grease on the MAF.....
  5. fantastic!!! Now Ive driven it, it deffo feels better... I cant beleive something so simple makes such a difference. I wonder hpw long that cxar has been like that!! VAGCOM pays for itself once again!!! :)

    Tried the dielectric grease..... makes no difference to the readings at WOT but the does seem to drive better at part throttle weird or what...?!
  6. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    Brilliant! This has to be the best tune up device i've ever heard about and its all free folks. You could probably start a business on the back of this. I'm off to check where the adjustment for mine is.
  7. bear in mind you will need VAGcom to get the reading.... adjusting it without that will probably make things worse..... in fact worse case you could adjust it out with the sensors reach and ****** it!!!

    But if you have access to VAGcom it deffo worth while checking!
  8. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    Agreed. Would you be prepared to have a look at it, i'm commuting to Edinburgh every day, is that the right bit of Lothian? I keep promising myself a VAGCOM but not got there yet, all the money gone on family holiday this month.
  9. Yeah no probs.... Can look for any fault codes for you too.... If you want we can meet at a ScottishVAG meet, we meet first thursday of every month in Edinburgh, in fact there is a meet your way soon near dumfries...
    For more details check out http://www.scottishvag.com
    go into the forum and the edinburgh East regional area for meets......

    BTW.... I used to communte to Dumfries for a while on a blade.... thats a nice biking road you live on... I know it very well! :)
  10. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    Sorry about the delay getting back to you. Just off to Germany( France Austria Switzerland Italy Belgium in no particular order) and will be back 4/8/6 and will get in touch when i'm back. Its a fair bet i will have found out how far the pedal moves by the time i come back.
    A701 can't be beat, but some people try too hard. So far in the last week theres been a van into a tree, a car in the fence , and a 40 tonner upside down in the layby just outside Moffat. Do you know if theres still a post for time from the Leadburn to Moffat? 28 minutes is my best effort.
  11. Pass...My times will remain anonymous! 28 min must be averaging pretty high though!
  12. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    Back to blighty, 3000miles in 2 weeks. Pedal movement restricted by copilot unfortunately but managed to collect a french speeding ticket chasing the ferry, anything with a UK plate was done, nice birthday present thanks mes amis.
    Can you PM me with a contact time and place, any evening to suit you?
    39 in 28 equals 83 and was FJ not A6 needless to say

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