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Throttle Body

imported_Cali Jul 22, 2004

  1. imported_Cali

    imported_Cali Guest

    Please Help

    I have been told by my local - Audi VW specialist (who I trust) Just VW Haydock Lancs. that I need a new Throttle Body.
    I felt my 20V 1.8T Quattro Sport was under powered - and I wanted it chipped. On its 1st service I was told that there was a fault appearing relating to the Throttle Body not closing. After having the car for a day and running various test on it came to the conclusion that the lack of boost was coming from the throttle body fault. He managed to get full pressure by clamping of the vacuum pipe.The throttle body was stripped down cleaned and re-asssembled - a little better. I was told that it looked like a new throttle body - This is an expensive part - can anyone help, is there anyone who repairs them? Is there a different alternative TT or what ever - so I can source 2nd parts ?

    Any help greatly appreciated


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