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throttle body problem can anyone help?

scottybhoy Oct 10, 2007

  1. scottybhoy

    scottybhoy New Member

    Hey guys can anyone help me?

    I've recently bought a 97 1.8t and am having problems with the throttle body.
    Every time i switch the ignition on it whines and goes through the allignment process.

    I took it to a local audi specialist who told me i needed a new throttle body.
    I have just fitted a third one and its still doing it.There was a fault code on vag-com saying- cannot reset throttle body potentiometer to high.

    Could this be an ecu fault?
    Also i only get 20mpg could this be related?(even when driving like a pensioner)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
    cheers scotty:keule:
  2. Markey

    Markey Active Member

    The throttle will always make that noise when the key goes in, it does on mine and the positioning is perfect.
    Have you cleared the codes on vag-com after the installation of each throttle body ?
  3. scottybhoy

    scottybhoy New Member

    cheers for that markey my mechanic tried to clear the codes with each one but they kept coming up again,so he said it was defo a faulty tb.

    The one i have now was on another car and didn't throw up any codes or whine when the ignition was turned on so i'm thinking its not actually the tb thats the problem.
    i'll go back to him tomorrow and see if he can come up with anything else.
  4. Hibbedy

    Hibbedy New Member

    ...and how did it end up? What did you do to stop it whining constantly? I have exactly the same problem, and I can't find the solution - it's infuriating!

    I'm on my second complete throttle body assembly (with potentiometer), and it still gives the same problem - poor idling and generally rough running throughout the rev range. I've checked ignition timing using a timing gun and it appears to changing all the time, even at idle (I assume the fault is making the ecu change it constantly?).
    Both throttle bodies were clean and I tried aligning them using Vagcom, but this just brings up a fault code

    01087 - Basic setting not performed

    There are no other fault codes.
    Also, the TB makes a whining noise constantly (I understand this is normal when aligning the TB, but surely it shouldn't be doing it ALL the time)??

    Any ideas anyone? Ecu at fault?

  5. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    Using vagcom/ or vag 1551 you have to go through the alignment process at least once. Thats what the error is. Basic setting is basically the alignment process
  6. Hibbedy

    Hibbedy New Member

    Yes, but that's just it. If I've tried to align the throttle body (using my licensed and registered version of vagcom) once, I've done it a hundred times!

    It just won't have it. Something is stuffed, it's just that scottybhoy had exactly the same symptoms as me, and I was wondering whether he ended up replacing the throttle body again, or the ecu in the end?

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