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Those DX cds

cluskera Feb 19, 2008

  1. cluskera

    cluskera New Member

    Well folks, if someone can solve this i'll be very impressed and grateful as i've been on lots of forums, called dealers up and down the country. Nothing. Not a squidgen of help.

    I have a RNS-D (cd based) Audi system. Been using 04/05 discs on it. They are DX travel pilot discs. No problems.

    Recently upgraded to 07/08 discs which are compatible with this system. Message says 'CD not compatible. Please insert Travel Pilot DX cd.'

    Totally baffled. Have read about firmware upgrades e.t.c Through hidden menus i have software stamped August 09 2001.

    How do i solve this real headache?:confused:

    Thanks for your help

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