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thnking of getting an s3 - got some questions/need some pointers

bozor Oct 11, 2008

  1. bozor

    bozor New Member

    hi there, im a long time lurker but have finally got off my ass and made an account here as i am thinking about getting a used s3.

    i've been looking around for a few months now but prices have only recently slid down towards the 20k'ish mark, so i can finally justify the purchase :)

    all the cars are relatively new but are there any particular things i should be checking for bar the usual - service history, curbed alloys, dents/knocks on the bodywork, interior condition etc etc?

    is factory sat-nav/dvd combo any good and what is it like when it comes to ipod control? my current car (99 reg, a3 1.8t sport) has an alpine 9850ri and it does a very good job of controlling my ipod. my mate has a new golf with the standard fit radio/cd and his ipod thing is terrible in comparison.

    how comfortable are the bucket seats compared to the regular seats for longer journeys? they are a bit of a rare option but i have seen some cars with them, though i have yet to try them out myself - the s3 i test drove at my local dealer only had regular seats.

    thats all i can think of at the moment, no doubt ill probably think of other things to ask later. thanks in advance!
  2. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    Just check for the usual, the ipod thing will be the same as your mates golf, not brilliant but ok!

    The buckets are good, comfortable on long journeys.

    The factory sat nav is excellent but if you dont find a car with one in they can be bought off ebay and retro fitted.

    The flat bottom multi function steering wheel is a must but these can also be fitted aftermarket from e bay.
  3. bozor

    bozor New Member

    cheers for the reply

    shame about the ipod, i was hoping the control system on the more expensive unit would be better :(

    but good news about the rest!

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