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This really pi$$es me off!

jdp1962 Sep 10, 2006

  1. jdp1962

    jdp1962 Grumpy Old Moderator Staff Member Moderator TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Gold Supporter Team Tornado Audi S4 quattro Black Edition s tronic

    These wheels and tyres are for sale on Ebay.


    So, I contact the seller asking how many millimetres of tread the rear tyres have got on them. His answer is "I'm not sure, how about I send you a photo?"

    I say a photo is not much use, I'd rather he just measure them and tell me. After all, it's not difficult, and I like to know what it is I'm thinking of buying.

    His reply is "They've got a fair bit of tread. Measuring them isn't easy if you have got the tool to do it".

    WTF is wrong with people?!
  2. HOUCH

    HOUCH Member

    Your so not wrong!!!!! Ebay great for finding some hard to get items, BUT its getting so full up of shafters and muppets either selling duff goods misleading descriptions trying to pass off hookie stuff I'am now very wary of bidding on stuff......... Ebay dont seem too interested when you have a problem either!!!!
  3. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I know exactly what you mean, I've sold 3 sets of alloys on ebay, always get asked how much tread there is, so I give a wild guess is mm's - simple! I usually say how much tread there is now in the description and generally be as accurate as possible, which is why I have 100% feedback :cool:
  4. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Same here. I sold my old 16" Sportback SE wheels but used a proper tread measuring tool to accurately say how much tread remained on each tyre. I took a picture of all four wheels together, four more of each wheel and then all four side-by-side so the tread was visible. Like you I have 100% feedback.

    The key thing when selling items on eBay is to go overboard with the description. One liners just aren't enough - the more detail you provide, and I really do mean chapter and verse here (history of the item, why you're selling it etc.) - the more bids and trust you will attract.

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