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This a good deal on wheels?

A3TDI2.0 Feb 12, 2010

  1. A3TDI2.0

    A3TDI2.0 Member

    Hi guys,

    Seen this:

    The seller has said he'll provide these with Falken 225/40/18 for £575, I think this is a decent deal but the question I have is around the ET + Rim width, I've been told/read conflicting stuff about what will go on without any issues.

    These are ET42 and 8J, I've been told by some that it needs to be closer to ET50+ and 7.5?

    Thought I'd ask where the experts usually are!

  2. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    Yes they will fit, the will just stick out 8mm further than standard, most people thinks this looks better anyway!

    However i wouldnt touch the polished ones, the laquer will peel off within 6 months and you will be gutted!
  3. 4NT

    4NT Terminal Douche Bag!

    As above. I have RS6 Reps that have ET 42 and they fill the arches out nicely, if you did find some with ET50 you may end up wanting to put spacers on anyway.

    If you do go for the polished finish when they peel (they def will) you'll need to get a polishing kit for about £12 off ebay, a series of poliching wheels that fit on the end of a power drill and allows you to brng the faces back to life, prob need to do it a couple of times per year, takes a bit of practice but will keep them looking fresh!

    Good luck.
  4. PH1L

    PH1L Gievf Buckets

    polished faces are never good news, time and time again ive seen them peeling or going milky even without nasty road conditions

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