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Thinking of starting my project....

ricostuart May 3, 2013

  1. ricostuart

    ricostuart Active Member

    Ok, so I have my b7 s4 and decided to take off the rear bumper and do some wire testing on the parking sensor loom. All tested well, and so i took off the front bumper and tested each individual rear parking sensor on the front loom. All except one was dead! So bought 4 more and will have some new ones shortly.

    While doing all that, I noticed that the whole car was completly covered in a thick dust. The car used to be parked at a farm, so it must have sat for quite a bit and was covered. All vents has a thick coating, and under all the arches was a thick coating of mud (took about 2 mins scraping with a screwdriver before hitting metal!).

    So after all that, i think its time to start work on the car. I plan to gut the interior all the way to the chasis and steam clean everything inside. Will then remove all body panels and clean (and possibly repaint) everything I can. Will get the car up on stands and remove all the suspension components and replace all parts that need replacing, clean what doesnt and paint what can be seen. essentially I want to remove everything, replace and repair whats needing done, and anything thats in good nick wiill repack with grease if i can and make sure its all 100%. Eventually want to pull out the engine/transmission (i have access to a high lift) and do a rebuild.

    So after this little story, what do you guys think I should do in what order? The car runs very well at the moment (a few niggles but then it is a 2005 car!), so there is nothing essential at the moment. I'm essentially doing a semi-restoration project! I will do mods at the same time (especially when engine is out).
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  2. Big Al

    Big Al Active Member

    Crikey, that's a huge project you got yourself there! I would give the car a very good clean first to see the condition of the bodyshell. If it needs lots of metal/welding/filler/paint consider selling or parting it out, likewise with regards engine and transmission make sure all is well before going any further. It's unlikely you'll ever get back your investment on future resale on these big bill items. The trim, suspension and brakes are cheap in comparison. If all looks worth it, go for it and keep us updated -lots of pics always appreciated!
  3. ricostuart

    ricostuart Active Member

    Going to be a big but rewarding project! the body is in good condition at the moment with only very slight rust on a edge. two second fix. there will be loads of photos and videos too! :)
  4. CHEZ

    CHEZ moderately amusing Supporter


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