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Thinking of selling what's it worth?

redspudder Jul 29, 2009

  1. redspudder

    redspudder Sparky

    Alright Fellas im thinking of selling the car and upgrading to a B8 S line,i nearly bought one from my local dealers on Saturday on 58plate with 12K on the clock was up for £21990 they offered me £6400 for mine but i wanted more and they wouldnt budge,so i was trying to get a price to sell private any ideas?

    04plate 1.9TDI sport,4owners 70k on clock years MOT tax till end of august.I would class as very good condition a few marks inside which im getting the car a full vallet today and outside in excellent condition,would remove the wheels and put back on the original 5spoke stars which have a few scuff marks but if that would bring the price down quite a bit then i would consider leaving the RS6 reps on.




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  2. jdp1962

    jdp1962 Grumpy Old Moderator Staff Member Moderator TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Gold Supporter Team Tornado Audi S4 quattro Black Edition s tronic

  3. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    It does seem low to me.. although glasses guide gives the following valuation.

    Vehicle details
    Make Audi
    Model A4
    Variant 4 door Saloon Manual
    Engine 1.9TD Diesel
    Trim Sport
    Cost new £22347
    Year/Plate 2004 04
    Mileage 70,000

    Valuation details
    Retail £8990
    Excellent condition £6830
    Average condition £6160
    Below average condition £5430

    Hope that is of some use.. How much you looking for your wheels?
  4. redspudder

    redspudder Sparky

    Is that valuation above for P/X or private sale??

    I found the following information on What carnot happy with that valutaion!

    Audi A4 Saloon 1.9 TDi 130 6sp Sport 4dr 2004 (04) 70,000 miles Dealer £6,950 Private £6,510 Part exchange £5,795 Trade £5,460 Cost new £20,865

    And then ive had a look on parkers guide and got this price i know the mileage needs adjusting but surely cant be that far away?
    Audi A4 Saloon (00-04)

    1. 1.9 TDI Sport (130ps) 4d (6)Change2. 2004/04Change3. Average mileage: 50,000 milesChange4. Adjust for mileage and optionsChange
    No options selected
    Original Price£22,090 [​IMG] Franchised Dealer£8,830 [​IMG] Independent Dealer£8,590 [​IMG] Private Good £8,190 [​IMG] Private Poor £6,695 [​IMG] Part Exchange£6,985

    With regards to the wheels not really sure what i would be looking for, i paid £650 for them a few months back and have a scuff on 1 wheel,but at the moment im only at the stage of thinking of selling,the wife just gave birth to our 2nd daughter the other day so the car will be staying put for the time being as shes unwilling to talk about a new car at the moment but i have holidays booked the end of August so could be time to do it then.
  5. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    20k above avg, but does have S-Line kit, so £6500-£750 sounds about right for PX.

    Good condition value as a private sale is £8200, so advertise it for £8k ONCO and if somebody offers you £7200 you're up... and can probably tolerate the inconvenience for £700 extra....
  6. redspudder

    redspudder Sparky

    Alrite fellas,i posted this a few months back i am now ready to sell the car could anyone tell me the price via glass guide or a fair price to list the car at for private sale and P/X?I have looked around on parkers and a few other sites also checked out the prices on the trader and they range anywhere from 7K-10K i dont wont to price myself out of selling the car also dont want to give it away.I really want and need around 8K for the car to allow me to go for a B8 sline was thinking of advertising the car at around 8.2K ish but like i say not to sure.I am going to try and sell private first before going down the P/X route.

    2004 04 plate,75K on clock 3 previous owners tax Feb MOT July 10,the car is in mint condition.FSH mainly Audi but since ive had the car used a local Indy specialist,will leave the RS6 reps on for a private sale they have a few scuffs on them.the plate will also be removed for original

    Thanks in advance
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  7. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    get a new eval from the place you're buying from: they might be more generous in the climate now, especially if they think they're shifting a £20k car in it's place... and a 1.9TDI S-Line is a very sellable car, so they're unlikely to try to squeeze you too much on it...
  8. Niknak

    Niknak Member

    Got any pics of the interior, a mate of mine is looking for one just like yours.


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