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Thinking of selling, test drive insurance?

imported_gek May 10, 2006

  1. imported_gek

    imported_gek Guest

    Hi All,

    Thinking of selling my S3, and just wanted to get some opinions on test drive requests by potential buyers.

    My thoughts are, unless they have taken out comprehensive insurance to test drive my car, they aren't going to drive it.
    I'm quite happy for them to come for a ride with me driving.

    Am I going to upset a lot of people or is it the norm to take the risk and let them drive?

  2. madvw

    madvw Active Member

    its the norm - theres no way i'd let them take it for a drive with no insurance.
  3. C_Audiboy

    C_Audiboy Vroom Vroom

    No way I'd be letting them drive either. Like you say, you don't want to offend anyone, but you do not know if they are a 'good' driver or not. You have a powerful car and could easily be mangled by some test-pilot monkey.

    Not worth the risk IMHO.
  4. No way - insurance or not. You drive, they sit in the passenger seat.

    I let a potential buyer drive a previous car I sold round a station car park - he was careful but I hated it. Never again.
  5. MattS5

    MattS5 Active Member

    Never had a problem with people driving 3rd party extension cover so long as i'm in the car with them.

    However, this is what I'll use in future, and its also a quick plug for driving traffic through the site.......

    Check this
  6. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    When I bought my S3 privately I drove the car for a couple of miles in the centre of Woking, all in a 30 zone. That was enough for me to satisfy myself that everything was in order with brakes, tracking, transmission etc.

    I'd never buy a car without driving it - even if it is only a few hundred yds. There is no need to take it over 30mph to spot most obvious problems. So if you can control the route and keep them away from the fast roads, then I'd let them have a go.
  7. mikechids

    mikechids New Member


    why not upgrade your insurance for any driver for a month?

  8. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Active Member

    [ QUOTE ]

    Am I going to upset a lot of people or is it the norm to take the risk and let them drive?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I think sensible options are:

    You drive...hard if they want to see it at speed and cornered hard. I would want to see this to ensure the car is sound.

    They drive...
    Which means they are insured (hard) or they hand over the bankers draft / cash for you to hold as security.

    Personally, I wouldn't buy any of the cars I like without driving it first...on my choice of roads. If I were serious about the car, I'd therefore sort out insurance there and then, in front of the seller...or offer a bankers draft as security.

    What I wouldn't do...is let just anybody drive my car with no full insurance cover (fully comp) and no security handed over.
  9. Agree. Do not do it on 3rd party!
  10. neil.c

    neil.c Senior

    I don't think anyone who has not driven the car is going to buy it, I certainly would not. You do not need to drive like a loon to assess a car, what you need to do is weed out the people who are not likely to buy the car but just want a joyride.
    A guy who I used to work with went out most weekends test driving cars from all the local dealers

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