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Thinking of selling my BE A3 for an .:R32

R90 STL Oct 8, 2013

  1. R90 STL

    R90 STL Well-Known Member

    tbh with you I didnt care for the 8v until i saw it in real life. I think I would prefer a BE version as there is too much chrome on it for me but the quad exhausts are lovely imo. Literally the only thing now stopping me from getting an R32 is the fact I would be losing a bit of money on my car for something that is older and with more miles. I think I will hold on to my car for a little while until its clocked a few more miles before I do anything. If it wasnt for that I would buy the golf in a heartbeat :)! I have nailed it folks.. S5!!! Thats my new goal
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2013
  2. crunchie

    crunchie Active Member

    Quad exhausts on a hatch back is very halfrauds! That's the kind of thing wee neds do to their Corsa's & Saxo's imo
    Obviously it's fine on an M3 etc. Mmm.....M3.....

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