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Thinking of reluctantly selling - 2002 B6 Audi A4 Avant 2.5TDI Quattro - Rough price?

motosparkz Jun 29, 2010

  1. motosparkz

    motosparkz Member

    Hi Guys,

    Just after a rough idea on what to advertise my misses's car for if it comes to it. There are hardly any for sale. Scoured autotrader & pistonheads to get an idea, but to no avail.

    This is the only car I believe she has fallen in love with, after having an Escort Cossie, Carlos Saintz GT4, numerous hot hatches etc.

    She may be losing her job over the next few weeks, so we may have to sell her pride & joy. I will warn you she will cry if it does have to go, BUYER BEWARE, lol

    The spec is more or less as per my signature -

    1 previous owner who is a friend, had it as a company car from new (contact details can be supplied)
    A4 2.5TDi SE Quattro Avant in Arctic Grey, 180bhp
    110k miles
    10mnt MOT
    8mnt Tax (I believe without going out to look at it)
    Never bumped/painted
    FASH with a massive pile of invoices/receipts for work carried out,
    6 Speed Manual gearbox,
    Weitec 35mm Spring & Damper Kit,
    18" RS4's with F1 Asymmetrical's,
    RNSE + DVD in glovebox,
    Full Leather,
    Rear Camera & Reverse Sensors displaying through the RNSE,
    Full Dual Climate control,
    Centre Armrest,
    Factory Xenons,
    Full Ambient Lighting Pack,
    Auto Dipping + Compass Rear View Mirror,
    Aero Wipers,
    RS4 ARB,

    I think that more or less sums it up. Depending what it may fetch I may take stuff like the RNSE & DVD player out to sell seperately & refit the oem indash 6cd radio & may put it back on it's factory 17" rims. Not sure yet.

    Any ideas guys.

  2. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    It's a bit above avg milege, but with a 8yr old TDI, if it's got good Audi service history, then no probs: Parkers guide is something like 4.5k-6.5k, but that car is fully loaded, so I'd guess easilly around £6k-£6.5k... witout looking at autotrader, etc... I'd guess £7k -- but depends what else is out there.

    it will go faster with the rev camera's, RNS-E, etc in.... but will probably get more money selling a lot of the extras separately: can always show the car with it all in and then say what is being removed and get the person the buy the extas back, while still installed? cheeky, but worth a crack!

    RS4 replica's are popular, but can detract as they're reps, not OEM.... likewise, the suspension work is a tricky one: you'll probably get a wider audience if you DON'T mention it, but then you might miss out on somebody willing to pay the extra for it....

    it's an interesting one: lots of expensive factory options that are very impossible/ v expensive to retrofit properly (RNS-E, Xenons, Sunroof)... so I'm guessing you'll get way above the Parkers guide max for even a dealer's sales: hence my £7k guess... would be interesting to see what you get in the end!
  3. motosparkz

    motosparkz Member


    Yeah, it has Full main dealer Audi history, with every receipt to back it up. Has not wanted for anything. My matey spec'd it up from new. The only thing it does not have which I wanted was rear electric windows. My mate was livid when he picked it up to find it did not have them. The sales guy "forgot" to mention this extra, which my friend had presumed came as std, DOH!!

    The only real reason we put the RS4's on was because I could get Goodyear F1 Asymmetrical's on the rims for like £100 more than just putting new rubber on the oddball 17" fitment<S>, which truth be told, do need a bit of a refurb.

    Again, the suspension was only put on because of the fact the SE rides high, so basically the 30mm drop took it to Sport spec. It does ride well, not harsh in any way, which is good.

    Hopefully we wont have to sell it, but will see the outcome over the next couple of weeks.

    Cheers for your reply fella, Shane
  4. mikeh126

    mikeh126 Member

    I have a similar A4 Avant 2.5tdi 180 Quattro, but the Sport spec. with full leather, and new set of Goodyear F1 Asymmetrics. I havent as many mods and extras as yours - but it's an early 2003 (52 reg), with 72k miles on it. I bought it in January this year. It was descrbed as "simply stunning" - and, when I went to look at it, there wasn't a mark on it. It had been really looked after, and had FASH as well. It was also a one private owner from new, and I could tell it had had an 'easy' life.
    There aren't many around in immaculate condition. I used Autotrader online to find it, and travelled from Lancashire to Harpenden to buy it (approx 200 miles each way). I had looked at a few with a lot of miles on them - company leased, and well used, some with 150k miles on them.
    I realise I paid over the odds at £7.5k - BUT, if the car is immaculate and well maintained, it shouldn't need a lot of money spent on maintenance. It seems OK buying a car for £6k, but then it needs a new clutch, tyres etc etc etc.
    So, I think yours is worth advertising at £7.5k. You should get plenty of interest at that price. All IMVHO, of course!
  5. motosparkz

    motosparkz Member

    Cheers Mike,

    I think I will start to advertise it now & pitch it a little high. Like I say hopefully we wont have to get shut, but it won't hurt to start the ball rolling just incase.

    I can always pull it from the advert if we dont need to sell.

    Cheers for your input fella, Shane
  6. motosparkz

    motosparkz Member

    Hi again Guys!!

    Looks like it has to go!!

    Do you blokies have any favourite sites to advertise cars. Have had this up for 3 weeks now, obviously on here, 9but most people on an Audi forum own one, lol, & also on PH) , price down to £6750 & have had only 1 email, which was a waster asking how much I would take for cash. I am always open to an offer, but ffs, at least see the car to see what they are bidding on.

    Cheers in advance guys, Shane
  7. scott b

    scott b Active Member VCDS Map User

    ebay, auto trader
  8. vinesh

    vinesh Member

    If you were selling this 1 month ago I would have brought the car.

    As scott posted, try Ebay and Autotrader.

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