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Thinking of getting a 320cd now

doublem_1 Apr 18, 2012

  1. doublem_1

    doublem_1 Member

    In reference to my past post, I'm actually thinking of getting a 320cd now. An SE one is up for sale near me with 128k on the clock. Its a 2004. Is this a bit high?

  2. flying oyster

    flying oyster flying oyster

    just run in at that miles will be a bit slow and useless in the snow lol
  3. L33h

    L33h Member

    Not really but it will be slow! BMWs are really heavy
  4. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    The old ones are ridiculously heavy... which makes them uneconomical and the power never really gets down on the road... the tax is high... insurance is high... and its a joke... even the 330cd is a slow poke... they have expensive problems at 10+ years old... check out the reviews on Honest John.

    The newer 320d is much better... go post 2005 to the e90's... much better... the 320d has 170hp or so but the torque is the important figure... 220+ and economy to boot if you are after it... much more economical than a 320i or 325i... Im thinking of getting a 320d (2008) myself.
  5. billym3

    billym3 New Member

    Agree with above.

    Although 330cd isn't too bad but for that money I'd go for a nice late 320d e9x series model.
  6. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    Replied in other thread as well but...

    When i bought my 330d Sport, general consensus on forums was you dont get much more MPG from a 320, takling a few mpg.
    Plus the 6 cylinder is worth it for its smothness.

    RE tax, hardly call it a lot, 210 for the year (maybe less on a newer model)thats group K i think, regardless, thats less than i paid for my older cars, ie 205 gti, Crx vtec etc. Even though Crx was a 1.6!

    Insurance shouldnt be bad unless your young, I pay 550 fully comp, clean license, no accidents etc. 10 yrs NCB, im 29. Same as i paid Flux for my engine swapped, extremely modded 205, and same as my Import Crx Vtec B16.
    I will say though, Flux wanted like £1k for some crazy reason. So ended up on good old meerkat.

    They dont feel 'fast', there heavy cars, but the power is smooth and constant. Unlike some cars, where the delivery is more abrupt once the turbo spools up. Its no slouch though. Mines a manual, i dont touch autos.

    I get 45-47 mpg driving sensibly. On a mix of town and motorway. Will see low 50s on a long run, and low 40s if short journeys.

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