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Thinking of buying A3...

dan888 Jun 30, 2007

  1. dan888

    dan888 New Member


    I joined the forum today after advice from the excellent tt-forum. I'm thinking of buying a new A3 so am after a little advice on all things A3 from those that know.

    A3 Sportback 2.0 TDI 170 S-Line with a few extra toys.

    Opinions I'd be interested in;

    Is the 170BHP the one to go for?

    Is the 170BHP 2 wheel drive OK or will it overwhelm the grip? Should I be looking at the Quattro?

    What are the must have toys?

    How much movement do the Audi dealers allow on price. I'm currently looking at Broadspeed and the Top Gear magazine target prices?

    Is S-Line the trim to go for or does Sport offer better VFM?

    Does S-Line offer full leather? (I think I have slightly old brochures)

    I have also noticed aluminium gear knob & aluminium vent dials, are these available as options?

    If I order now when would I expect delivery? And would this be "MY08"? (also what is MY08?)

    Appologies for long list of questions, look forwards to replies...

  2. alanjonesbath

    alanjonesbath VAGOwners.co.uk

    MY08 is basically a 2008 model year car, normally anything produced from the start of July onwards. If you place a factory order, expect about a 12 week wait. I believe all S-Lines come with leather as standard now, mine certainly did. Sport is definately better value for money than the S-Line trim, but if you want the bits that the S-Line trim gives you (alloys, bumpers, leather, etc) then its definately the one to go for. I certainly wouldn't have gone for the Sport trim. To be honest, best value for money probably comes from the SE trim, as it gets a lot of toys that the Sport & S-Line don't get.

    Must have toys? Basically anything YOU want. Loads of people will tell you Xenon lights and Bose speakers are 'must haves', personally I wouldn't waste the best part of £1000 on those two options, as I think the standard speakers are pretty good, and don't do enough night driving to warrant getting Xenons. I'd highly recommened upgrading the stereo to Symphony II+, so you get the 6 disc in-dash CD changer, and I think the auto-diping and electrically folding mirrors are a god-send, and I would never be without cruise control.

    People will tell you the 170 is a better engine than the 140, though personally I have no complaints with the 140, it's quick enough for me. If you can afford the 170 and want the extra power then go for it, if you don't, I doubt you'd be dissapointed with the 140.

    When I ordered my S-Line last September, the dealer knocked off about 10% from list (basically matching the DriveTheDeal.com price), and I ended up with free leather as well as it wasn't standard when I ordered it, but ended up being on my invoice with an extra £600 or so discount being added so it was free :D

    Hope that helps
  3. mcmasman

    mcmasman Member

    Hi Dan, welcome to the forum. "Must haves" are different to everyone; how much money you willing to pay is one things, and what sort of options you used to have from other cars is another. Check out everyone's signiture and you will see what is the norm. I can certainly give you feedback on my choices.

    I received my car 1 month ago, I ordered it on the last day of Feburary, here are the specs:

    **Mind you I live in Norway so the naming of specs and combo might be different... I mark my reason / comments in red

    - MY07 Lava Gray 2.0 TDI 140 Quattro
    I need a 4 wheel drive for the long winter, and I live on a hill. I decided for diesel 140 for excellent mpg and tax reduction law in Norway for diesel engines (lower co2 emission). To put it simply this way, if I had more money, i will get the 170 with quattro. No complains on the 140 though.

    S-line pack (half leather front sport seats, s-line side steps, black interior, aluminum trim, leather gear knob, hand brake handle, sport chasis, lowered suspension...)
    This is one of my "must haves", the interior just seems so much better feel with the s-line package, loved the half leather sport seats. I actually prefer half leather seats than full leather. The ride is a little harder with the s-line but the feel on the road is great.

    S-line exterior (front and rear bumper, spoiler, 17" alloys (i upgraded to 18" RS4))
    Another "must haves" for me, completely changes the look of the car, much more sporty and aggressive. The front bumper just look amazing. I've upgraded to 18" alloy to complete the visual.

    Aluminum roof rails
    Great contrast with the darker body paint, I got it solely for look purpose. Works out very nicely. Not a "must haves" for me, but looks very nice.

    Xenon plus
    "must haves" for me, my basic requirment for a new car :yes:

    Light and rain sensor
    "must haves" for me again, for pure luxury! Lights sensor is a nice touch and just make me feel that ride is so much more luxurious. Rain sensor is also very useful, however, it doesn't always wipe when i wanted it to.

    curise control
    "must haves" for my 2.5 hrs drive on the motor way to my girlfriend's parents place. Keep me safe from those speeding cameras. If you hardly use the motorways then this might not be for you.

    multifuction steering wheel
    not a "must haves", but my gf keep talking on the phone while I'm driving so it's been great little feature for me to turn down the radio. It also makes the interior look smarter! If you are planning to get bluetooth then this is a must!

    driver information screen (DIS)
    "must have" for me, it came with my model so it's all good!

    Some options considered but didn't get:

    - electronic seats
    I regreted not getting it, but I have a tight budget

    - tinted windows

    - bose
    I tested drove both standard and bose speakers, bose is slightly better but this option just not worth it for me. My dealer also suggest me to save the money and spend it on some other options instead.

    - aluminum gear knob
    didn't bother beacuse it gets too cold in the winter

    - electric lumber support
    Almost made it to my list. Didn't get it at the end because of budget.

    Just some extra comments, I have received a 7% car discount and 15% on all my options. So for me, some not-so-important options made it to my order list, but not all. One month on, and I have no problems with my ride or any of my options. Only wish I got more options. :icon_thumright:

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