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Thinking of buying a private plate

JDM82 Mar 3, 2012

  1. JDM82

    JDM82 Member

    Im thinking of buying a private plate but am confused with the legal stuff.

    Could someone explain the procedure in more laymans terms.

    I cut this bit from the website Im buying off :-

    You can apply for tax at the same time as a transfer by sending us your insurance certificate or cover note, a completed V10 (This can be obtained from a post office and should, technically, be filled in with the existing registration mark) and the appropriate fee (cheques to the Department of Transport).
    Present fees are £85.25 for six months and £155 for twelve months.

    Whats the fees for?

    I thought it was just a case of sending your tax disc, log book and MoT cert off to have the reg changed and a one off fee to the DVLA?

    Please help
  2. amr79

    amr79 Member

    Hi m8
    Ur in Teesside. Go to the DVLA office in Stockton, nr Teesside Park. You can do everything there. If you buy he reg of a site, take the retainer doc to DVLA office with tax, mot and v5. They will give you a new tax disc n mot cert straight away. The v5 will follow in 2 weeks. The fee used to be around £105 but this may be included when u buy the reg. the advantage of going to the office is that you can drive on private plates straight away after you have told your insurance co.

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