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Thinking of buying 54 plate S4...suggestions?

twistandgo Oct 16, 2009

  1. twistandgo

    twistandgo New Member

    Hi there,

    Newbie to the forum. Sorry for asking this question again but times move on and have already checked out the last threads on buying.

    So...I have seen a really nice 54plate S4 saloon, black, black/silver leather/alcantara interior, sat nav, "service history", parking sensors, 2 x front electric seats, bose stereo.

    So... what do I look for?.. car has done 39,000 miles, looks really tidy bar a small crease (in the right light) on the o/s rear quarter. Not sure what the actual service history is (yet) and not even sure what a 40K service would be at an audi dealer to keep its history up to speed.

    Anything I should be looking for before I jump in?.. heard about this Aux rad issue so that's one thing but anything else? not seen under the bonnet (yet) but from outside and inside it looks GORGEOUS !!! :hubbahubba: drove one a few weeks back and fell in love with it....the handling, noise and practicality of it for throwing the kids in the back on the odd occasion of "serenity" all weather use and grin factor.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Chris.

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