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thinking of an A3 purchase

pat(lincs) May 13, 2007

  1. pat(lincs)

    pat(lincs) New Member

    Hello everyone.

    I have been checking out the site over the last couple of weeks and have found lots of useful advice re the A3.

    I intend to purchase an A3 TDi Sport (170) for Decemeber 2007 when I have a nice little investment maturing!!!

    I pretty much like the car as it is and am fairly sure that Mauritius Blue is the colour for me.

    I am still considering the DSG/ S-tronic but will probably stick to the manual which I really like.

    I have got a bit confused with the build week talk mentioned on a number of the threads......is that just the particular week of the year or are these things taking 18-19 weeks to arrive from ordering?
  2. newbiecrg

    newbiecrg windsurfer

    have a look at the quattro option... promise you won't regret it!

  3. mcmasman

    mcmasman Member

    Let me give you my example, I ink my order on the 28 Feb 07 (week 9), then I wait for over a month to be allocated with a build week (the week on the calendar that you car will be built), my build week was week 18 (23 - 27 April) and my dealer told me that the car is finished and provided me the VIN number last week. He is expecting week 22 (21 - 25 May) for delivery.

    So all in all, if the car arrives and avaible for pick up in two weeks time, I have spent a total of 13 weeks from I ink my order to reciving my car.

    This estimation of time gap from ordering to receiving is never set, I simply given you my example. I've seen some people mention that if you order one now, you won't get a build week until September. Add another 3-4 weeks for delivery and you are looking beginning of October ... That's a whole lot more than my 13 weeks.

    As far as I know the plant's product is cut down during summer so therefore the delay for summer orders.
  4. pat(lincs)

    pat(lincs) New Member

    Thanks for that, I think I will get my order in as soon as September arrives (can't wait).Thanks for the tip about the Quattro but as a second car (wife has the main one obviously !!!!) don't think I can justify the expenditure.
  5. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    If you don't consider quattro worth the expense,I wouldn't recommend you pay any extra for DSG either.
    Stick with manual.
  6. Spin140

    Spin140 Well-Known Member

    My wifes Jetta has DSG and she is very pleased with it as an 'auto'. I too really like the DSG and think it makes for rapid progress when pressing on but I still prefer a manual. The only thing I can fault the DSG for is a really annoying delay when selecting reverse, almost as if VAG have got the forward motion sorted and the reverse was an after thought.

    Remember if not speccing the car in any particular way there is likely to be one in the Audi network so you may get one sooner than the 12/13 weeks quoted if flexible, this usually assists 'bargaining' power as well, push for a minimum 9% discount.
  7. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    absolutely pointless having quattro on a 140 TDI - with all that transmission drag you are going to have about 110hp left - about the same as a 1.6 and lower fuel consumption - id rather have a fwd 170 than a 4wd any day (and it will be about £500 cheaper!!)
  8. southpaw66

    southpaw66 Member

    I went to order mine expecting a 3 month wait last october, ended up getting it 6 days later!!! Which was great but a bit of a shock - sell my car, arrange finance, insurance etc...
  9. maars

    maars Full speed ahead

    I'm just waiting to collect my 170 quattro. Up to that point I drove S-Lines in 140 DSG 2wd and 170 manual 4wd specs. Whilst the DSG was nice I found myself reverting to auto in town and began to wonder if I'd ever use the paddles. With the 2wd I also found the ESP coming on quite a bit when pressing on round bends/roundabouts etc. whereas the quattro felt far more sure footed. For me, quattro and a manual box on a 170 TDi were the better options from a driver's point of view.
  10. h5djr

    h5djr Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A3

    The Audi Ingolstadt plant does close for production for most of August. The other thing that can effect the delivery is if Audi UK have used up there allocation for a particular month. They have to specify how many of particular models they want the factory to produce for them on a month by month basis. If sales are a bit higher in one particular month then it can mean having to wait until the next month before your order will be accepted by the factory. Once accepted the factory gives a 'build week' for actually building the car. Once built it takes 2-3 weeks to arrive at the dealers. It's normally in the region of 10-12 weeks from date of acceptance until the car arrives at the dealers.

    I purchased a new A3 Sportback 2.0TDI DSG SE recently. I placed the order with the dealer on 6 December 2006 and the car arrived at the dealers some 10 weeks later on 12 February 2007 and I took delivery as planned on 1 March 2007.

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