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Thinking of a change

S3IZZO Jun 11, 2007

  1. simch

    simch Active Member

    How much was your short block from audi btw? Was it cheaper than a rebuild..??i
  2. S3IZZO

    S3IZZO Guest

    £2054.11 including all the new gaskets required etc, i've also had a new oil pump, cam belt, water pump, clutch, timing chain etc etc

    It will work out a little bit cheaper than a full rebuild yes as you're saving on labour due to be being an 8 hour job. (Vs 40 hours +)
  3. Dubplate

    Dubplate Member

    sorry to hear about all the grief youve had with your S3 fella but glad your getting it sorted now and it will be worth every penny once up and running ok.... :icon_thumright: private sales = russian roulette..... my S3 was a private sale and ive had it a month or so now, drives perfectly but fingers are still crossed that i dont become one of those statistics....
  4. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!


    I know exactly how you feel mate, I had to fork out just over £3000 for a 2nd hand engine + Labour, It hurts but its got to be done. I was gutted because I always think to myself what I could have spent that 3G's on..:crying:. It a hard decision to decide what to do, sell it and takea loss or fix it and take a hit. You just have to weigh it up.

    In your case, 10miles aint nothing, You didnt get chance to feel the car really did you so I reckon I would have gone with the 2nd hand engine as the car itself looks very Nice indeed - I know its the history thing but its a gamble just like life is!!:beerchug:

    Keep your chin up and the pain will eventually disolve......soon, Mine hasnt yet.ha

    Nice bloody wheels as im sure you have been told 000's times.
  5. s3shabs

    s3shabs Member

    Hi jordon. Iv just seen this thread and I must say im very sorry to read about everything you've gone through. last I heard from you was when I called you for an update. you told me the tensioner had failed? Big boys toys have serviced the car since Iv owned it and carried out all the cambelt/tensioner/water pump change. Did you give them a call, as all their work should be guaranteed, as it hasnt been a year yet..?
    Im a little shocked that they dont seem to have a very good reputation here on the forum. Iv recently purchased a b5 rs4 and its booked in on monday for a service and cambelt change...Should I go ahead??
    back to the topic, I hope you get the car sorted, keep in touch.


  6. S3IZZO

    S3IZZO Guest

    Hi Shabs,

    Should get the car back today - they've refitted the engine yesterday and are just giving it a final check at the moment.

    You just bought an RS4?....so much for getting rid of the debts :)

    With regards to BBT it does sound like they didn't do their job properly at all - the cam tensioner did fail but as I didn't do or pay for any of the work I haven't contacted them no, I think it would be a waste of time.
  7. s3_tny

    s3_tny Member

    Hope you have fun with it, it did look very sorry for itself last week when i was there

    Atleast your in good hands now, i fully trust Corey and the guys at Quattronics with my pride and joy hence me driven a 300 mile round trip for cam belt change and service from these guys as i know its all done properly and they found a couple off bits that weren't done on the last service which should've been, so they have my recommendations 110% :thumbsup:
  8. s3shabs

    s3shabs Member

    Glad to hear it, let me know how it goes once you've got it back on the road..

    I managed to get a new build property and all I had to pay was stamp duty and fees, therefore I had a bit of spare change left over which would have initially gone into a deposit ;)
    having been without a car since I sold the S3,I just thought Id treat myself to the car iv wanted for a long time but could never justify buying!

    Each morning when I look out the window I have to pinch myself, as I cant actually believe its all worked out pretty well for me at the age of 24..

  9. S3IZZO

    S3IZZO Guest

    I got the car back Saturday afternoon, I can't go above 3,000 RPM for 1000 miles to bed the engine in which is soooo hard to do but i'm going to try and do some long runs in it to rack up the milage ASAP then take it back for an oil change.

    The car is running sweet as a nut so far, i'd also highly reccomend Quattronics - I think the fact they are so busy at the moment goes to show how good they are (Must have been 20+ Audi's parked outside when I picked mine up)
  10. Jaywoo_A3

    Jaywoo_A3 Member Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group

    Good to hear you got it back and all's well. Must be a killer to bed it in when its still a new car to you.
  11. S3IZZO

    S3IZZO Guest

    Hahaha, lasted about 39 miles this time, think the coil pack has gone now even though it was changed about a month before I bought it, the car looses power suddenly when accelerating and has a really really rough idle (plus management light is back on...yipee)
  12. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    You just don't get any luck with your car do you, Izzo?

    It's like me, I look after and maintain my cars meticulously, spark plugs and oil changed every 5000 miles, new filters all round way more than is healthy for my wallet, BP high octane fuel, Mobil 1 racing oil etc but yet I have problems with it pretty much constantly, whereas my mate has a MKIV Golf GT TDI which he's never touched and it runs perfectly.
  13. S3-ROB

    S3-ROB RD350YPVS - Loves 2 stroke oil

    Glad i'm not the only one, i go over the top looking after my S3, oil change every 3k, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter every 12 months etc and still have the occasional problem, but my friend who has a MK4 golf gt tdi 130 never lifts the bonnet and it NEVER goes wrong
  14. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    their oil burners though....... the tdi motors are pretty much fit and forget.

    unlike the S3, which tends to get a thrashing, and subsequently needs more maintenance.

    still, VERY bad luck with the car mate, very sorry to hear all the problems!
  15. A3_Turbo

    A3_Turbo Swaying towards IHI....

    Thats really bad news mate.

    I think you may as well get it sorted properly though now as you've spent so much on it!

    Corey knows his **** too he did my Cambelt/water pump service watched him do it all. Top guy just a little too far for me to travel!

    Hope it all works out ok for you mate


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