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Thinking about joining Virgin Media? read this.

doeboy Jun 19, 2007

  1. doeboy

    doeboy Member

    It's only my account of the past week but its still an unpleasant read.

    I was lured because of Virgin’s 3 for £30, phone, BB and XL TV package. I spoke to 3 sales people 4 times in the period of 10 days or so. All of them told me the following:

    1) The 2mb broadband service had been upgraded to 4mb, the 4mb to 8mb and the 10mb would be upgraded to 20mb in the near future.

    2) They also told me that you could watch all channels through your PC and that was the principal reason for the broadband upgrade

    3) That all current internal phone sockets would be switched to cable phone.

    When I was connected last week I found I was on 4mb not 8mb (I’d paid an extra £7) my office phone didn’t work. When I called Virgin, at which point you realise that rather than one person trained on all aspects you have to wait in queues for each department, they were astonished that I had been told the above points. Not one of the half dozen people I spoke to in the various departments knew what the sales staff were talking about.

    These guys really don’t know what they’re doing. I was told I’d be put through to “customer care” after waiting in a Queue for 30 minutes I was finally told by a snotty woman “I don’t know why they put you through to us, all we do is disconnect people” I guess that’s why they were so busy! I’m still waiting for a sales manager to contact me about my complaint the 48 hours expired about 48 hours ago!

    The final straw has been tonight when trying to get through to the Broadband team on 150 one of the announcements declared that all future broadband issues would be dealt through a 0906 phone number costing customers 25p a minute!

    Tomorrow I’m cancelling the service!

    You have been warned!
  2. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    The problem is that Virgin Media came about from NTL, who had the one of the worst customer service records imaginable - they were well-known for it.

    However, I've been with NTL since 2003 and had their cable broadband service first, and I can count on one hand the number of times it has gone down. Has been fantastic really - better availability than some corporate connections I know of.

    The only problem we've had since Virgin took over is with the digital TV service, when, during peak periods it seems, the On Demand and streaming Press Red services don't work (the news/weather/sport info comes up, you just can't connect to the other digital channels). Incredibly annoying during the football season when all I want to watch on a Saturday afternoon is Final Score.

    We've contacted their technical teams through the 150 number numerous times, and while we seem to get through quickly and get engineers out within a couple of days, the replacement boxes they've supplied haven't cured it. Eventually, one operator admitted that it was a nationwide problem...
  3. doeboy

    doeboy Member

    My on demand service hasn't work from install. perhaps i don't know what i'm missing but i'm not too bothered. My wife watches more TV than i do. It just cheeses me off to think we have to pay premium rate to contact our service provider as usually you call becuase THEIR service is to fault! that said i am half for it if you call is answered within 30 seconds.

    I had a high opinion of Virgin as a company but they need to do alot of cleaning up with NTL! i don't know if i can wait that long!
  4. d3fy

    d3fy Active Member

    All Telcos are the same, I worked for BT, with BT and at work we use Cable and Wirless and they all have the same issues, there ****. ;)
  5. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I've not had any problems, and a call to customer service to complain about my high bills with all these special offers flying about got me a discount... must have been the time of day then?
  6. shineydave

    shineydave Member

    i did that last week, phoned and told them to stick it because i could get the same package cheaper from Sky, straight away they matched Sky's price backdated to the begining of june, no arguements or hassle
  7. baynesey

    baynesey well you better unsell them, sharpish!

    I had V+ installed to replace my costly Sky+ .. I was back with Sky+ within a week, it was so ****!
  8. RichA3Turbo

    RichA3Turbo ...Watching you! Moderator

    I've been with them 2 months now and they have been great. i get 2.5mb/s downloads which is awesome, and never fails to be fast. TV is also really good and phone works (about all i need it to do! :))

    I've spoken to Virgin a number of times now and they are always helpful.

    They are better than other ISP's ive been with.

  9. PorkyWill

    PorkyWill Member

    The BB is excellent and miles better than the ***** that Sky offer....the tv is not as good and has had some teething problems.....

    I have spent a lot of time on the phone and had engineers out many times....partly due to the installers not actually installing anything!!

    Now it's up and running, it is great!

    There are a lot of things I have always liked about NTL as opposed to Sky, mainly if you are seaching through the channels whilst watching something else, you can press info and see what the pther programme is....that is so much better than sky!

    The on demand is great, use that a lot, plus loads more storage than sky +....and they only give you one HD channel on virgin, as that is just what's available, unlike sky who claim that they have HD movie channels, which they don't!!
  10. ScoobyA4

    ScoobyA4 ding dang do

    as i'm currently sat watching King Kong in HD on the SKY HD movie channel 313, dare i ask how they dont have HD movie channels? yes, the quality still doesnt cut it against HD-DVD, but then bitrates do limit it... BUT you can see the major difference of HD Movie channels to the SD Channels.

    That is an odd comment you have come out with.
  11. Beerzo

    Beerzo Masa'warty 3200... Talk To Me!

    Been with NTL since 2003 and over the past few weeks since they have upgrade my speed to 20Mb the speed fluctates like lastnight i was only getting 33kb per sec instead of 2048Kb per second.

    Been on and off the phone for weeks with them. Last night was the final straw told the woman that on your own website that you have a notice saying i may experience slow speeds. So I want some sort of compensation for this as I am not paying them £37 per month to maybe get the speed sometimes. The woman said that she would drop the line rental down to hafl price for 4 months. Organised a tech to call me. TBH i think they are just having issue updating parts of the network hence the fluctuating spees. They have until the half price is done to have it sorted or i am gone.

    Note though that this is the first time i have ever had to call them for something being wrong. Never once has my connection been down or slow before. I think the probs they are having with other areas is just teething problems that will get ironed out.
  12. PorkyWill

    PorkyWill Member

    hd-dvd/blueray are 1080p source, sky HD is broadcast at either 720p or 1080i
    Sky certainly broadcast in "HD Ready" - same as Virgin Media do but the original source unless it's HD Ready or above won't be better, so King Kong has a 1080p "FUll HD" source i'd assume thus scaled down to "HD Ready" it would look better.

    It's only recent stuff that has a true HD source tho - remember in order to be truely HD it would have to be recorded using HD cameras
  13. Bash_A3

    Bash_A3 Member

    i've been enjoying the two Sky HD movie channels for a few months now, quality is superb, little artifacting compared to the live feeds on HD sports.

    They also show 15 & 18 rated films during the day which is awesome - not all kiddie stuff pre-watershed :)

    Most films are still shot on film, processed/graded at 2K usually via DI, and resampled down to HD formats. Sky havent proclaimed to broadcast at 1080p, they stated at launch that the majority of the programming would be 1080i but made no promises to keep it that high which may mean it goes down to 720p after time - lets face it they have no real competition for HD broadcast here in the UK.

    720p & 1080i are "true" HD formats, 1080p is obviously more desireable but they are all HD.

    The only real downside i've seen is on Sky One HD which upscales alot of programming as the HD sources are available or do not exist.
  14. ScoobyA4

    ScoobyA4 ding dang do

    ok, does anyone have a tv capable of 1080p? i bet you paid a fortune as its not even standard! as bash has said, 720p & 1080i ARE HD formats.

    And only films in HD are braodcast on HD movie channels. there is no upscaling there.

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