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Thinking about buying a 2008 RS6 Avant...

R1 GOOD Apr 29, 2011

  1. R1 GOOD

    R1 GOOD New Member

    I tried a 2008 RS6 yesterday and liked it a lot.
    Are there any problems with this model?
    Does it need high octane fuel?
    Can you get a "spacesaver" spare wheel for it?
    What sort of mpg and tank range do you get when touring?
    It has a lot of electrical toys - are they reliable?
    Is the 4wd effective in snow?
    The cars on sale seem a bit pricey - any comments on current asking prices of over £40K?
  2. BILKO1

    BILKO1 Member

    If you're worried about fuel consumption then it's not the car for you:) As for your other questions the quattro has excellent traction in the snow but you still have the same problems braking and steering as everyone else. The electrics are reliable, possible problems with Audi's DRC suspension that has been going on for years and they use high octane fuel (V-Power etc) you can use normal unleaded but performance will take a hit and it's not recommended only in an emergency. Your best asking these questions in the specialist forums rs246 and audi srs as many more owners there.
  3. R1 GOOD

    R1 GOOD New Member

    Thanks for the info. Fuel consumption isn't a problem but tank range and needing superplus is! I will be spending much more time up in Scotland and all of our cars have tiny tanks, drink petrol and need superplus. Not a good combination! My wife is fed up planning routes around petrol stations so the additional car will need to run on everyday fuel. I tried a 5.2 S8 in January and enjoyed that too so I suppose the logical car to look at is an A8 4.2 Sport diesel.
  4. t8ups

    t8ups Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    in regards to the space saver spare, they dont put one in due to the size of the brakes, it would be pointless putting one of these in there if it dont fit around the front brakes, you should get about 320 to the take as it will be a big tank.

    the a8 4.2 tdi is a fantastic car, i think you should try one of these, and they still get nearly 40mpg and could probly get 500miles out the tank mixed driving.
  5. Alex_RS6

    Alex_RS6 Member

    Recommended fuel is 95RON, you don't need super as it won't increase performance as far as I am aware. I personally do use super more often than not just becuase it makes the engine smoother and I find I get more MPG. If the car was remapped to run on 98RON then that's a different matter.

    Other consideration very high is servicing costs (including £1k for replacement front brakes after 24k miles) and very high insurance premiums. My Rs6 costs me much more to insure than my Porsche 911 Turbo does despite it costing over 50k less! The RS6 is obviously a very desirable car for getaway drivers ;)
  6. Zafi

    Zafi Well-Known Member

    Fitting a spare tyre over the front disc is not an issue...... if you get a flat front tyre, swap a rear wheel to the front, then fit the space saver to the rear :)

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