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These "we buy any car" websites...

_G_ May 4, 2012

  1. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    Does anyone have any experience with these sites?

    I have read a lot of bad press about we buy any car... I requested a value for my A3 2.0 TFSI Sport - S Tronic... it suggested £4,000 (with 62k miles).

    I also came across this website:

    Value My Car at the Best Price Available with Free Car Valuations

    The immediate details I got were: "The trade value is between £10,000-11,000" but I know this is impossible as I know defacto:
    - In the current great condition it has a value of £8,500 private and £7,500 as a part exchange.

    The Free Car Valuations site then goes on to state... we will make immediate payment... and reading on it says... payment will be made after inspection so it is clear that any payment would be adjusted if someone was providing false information about their vehicle...

    Any tips on selling over the internet? I don't really want to go private.
  2. jonny87

    jonny87 Active Member

    I resorted to using one of those sites a few years back, needed a very quick sale, i lost £2k compared with selling private but like i said i had to sell asap

    As for their service i was impressed, i was totally honest about the bodyworks condition listing every scratch scuff snd dent on their website, then a guy turned up with a landrover and trailer bang on when they said he would, inspected the cars condition and history, rang hq to confirm its condition and they transferred the money there and then, he waited for me to confirm it had indeed appeared in my account, loaded the car and left, whole process took 30-40 mins

    Just a shame they cheat people out of so much money, mind you what would a dealer offer you px on your car? Would it be much more than what they offered?
  3. _G_

    _G_ Active Member

    Thanks buddy. Dealers are offering between 6500-7500 which is still low for me. Well I emailed them back and I want to see what they come up with. If it makes me laugh I will be sure to post it on here.
  4. cream2cream

    cream2cream Member

    of coarse dealers gonna offer u peanuts theyve gotta earn a living, just put it in private ads autitrader and see wat u get, alot of people out there who like buyin from owners and not traders

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