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Thermostat change, now limp mode

J Eyo Jul 22, 2014

  1. J Eyo

    J Eyo Polo GTI (6) R

    Hi guys,

    So car has all the stage 2 mods (bar the custom map) including an ecs n75H race valve and turbosmart DV (I have switched back to stock and vice versa, no difference...besides sound :p)

    I mention this because I was having rough and lumpy idle issues (and bad fuel economy), turned out to be my thermostat. Before I changed the thermostat, when the turbo kicked in, it was a bit intermittent but when it did hit it was like a train all the way to red line (definitely felt the difference with the n75H).

    However, since changing the thermo yesterday, the temp is perfect, idle is great, definitely sounds like I'm using a lot less fuel (so says my 3" exhaust), BUT the turbo just will not spool, its like its in soft limp mode. It will pull from about 2000-3000ish for a split second then it just fades away, doesn't want to boost at all.

    Any ideas?

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