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Thermostat and Bluetooth problems

tankie2ndrtr Dec 29, 2009

  1. tankie2ndrtr

    tankie2ndrtr Member

    Hi guys,

    Ok it seems every week im back on here with another fault with "Daisy"

    This time its the Heating and temp needle

    *Interior Temp never gets hot
    *Engine Temp needle does what it wants at idle, even going to max and the computer shouting at me.
    *Car runs very rich for a long time when first started in the mornings, lots of smoke and smelly exhaust

    Ive Ordered a new thermostat from Audi and will be picking it up later on today, im happy with fitting/ish but need to know where the old bugger is, and if anyone has some tips for installation.
    Ive also got a blue tooth link in my car my iPhone detects "Nokia ck-1w" but asks for a pin when trying to connect, I cant get hold of the Previous owner and was wandering if there was a default pin or anyone i can get hold of who can help with syncing :) oh i also have a groovy beep button on the underside of the small stowage shelf by the drivers right knee below the light controlls. wtf is that all about hahah..

    Any Help Appreciated :)

    Many "Tanks" Gary
  2. Imteyaz

    Imteyaz 6th Gear

    Thermostat is located behind the alternator, a little lower down on the block. It's not a difficult job, just a little fiddly to get to the thermostat housing bolts. I would recommend changing the temp sender at the same time too, a simple 5 minute procedure (do a quick search, I'm sure there's a couple of hundred posts on temps senders / thermostats!).

    As for the bluetooth, I would try the usual default of 0000 or 1234, a friend has got one in his MKIII VR6 (again, it was fitted by the previous owner) and he managed to get it all synched up so I'll ask him if he remembers what the code is.

    The little groovy beep button is the passenger seat ejector, unfortunately due to health a safety reasons, Audi have disconnected it

    :lmfao:, just joking, I don't have a clue on that one...
  3. tankie2ndrtr

    tankie2ndrtr Member

    ahh i was reminiscing of The fast and the furious with "ejecto seato baby" Sadly it must be disconnected ;)

    yeah i have read up on the previous posts, the guy at Mr Audi says to change the stat before the sender.. weird way of doing things.. My DETS and REMS say.. cheapest first ;)

    Tried all the usual 1234 0000 business Im thinking is a Gay iPhone-ism... will try with Motorola brick. Thansk for ya help :)

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