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There was a grumble/squeak/screech... so I changed the alternator clutch & tensioner

Willf Aug 23, 2012

  1. Willf

    Willf Member

    Having read many threads about whether you have to strip the front off to swap things, I decided to take the plunge and try to get in there withought removing anything...

    Basically the PAS pump was screeching occaisionally and there was a grumble and occasional 'crack' sound from the front of the engine, so I thought at the very least it would need the infamous alt pulley...

    I can now say with 100% confidence that you can remove both the alternator and aux belt tensioner without touching anything (except the vicous fan)

    I also found this when I took the tenssioner off...

    Ouch! I am suprised it was even staying straight tbh!

    It had snapped and was rammed into the pulley itself and had worn off two of the four grooves off the pulley!!

    It took around 4 hours, but I didnt have the special tool for the viscous fan, so that took a while and only had a short 19mm spanner, so retensioning the belt took AGES on my own and the new damper was quite stiff!

    Anyway, just thought you would find it helpful to know that this can be done in situ!

  2. Willf

    Willf Member

    PS parts were as follows:
    New tensioner and damper £80 + VAT
    New alt pulley £50+ VAT
    Belt £16 + VAT

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