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The wifes TT for sale

Rocko Oct 29, 2008

  1. Rocko

    Rocko A5 TSFI

    Sorry to be posting here to but she wants a fecking Porsche now and itll make my life a lot easier if I get this sold sooner rather than later.

    Anyway heres the ad, and Im not a spammer, Im a regular member of the A4 B6 forum.

    Manufacturer: Audi
    Model: TT
    Colour: Maro Blue
    Number of Previous Owners: 2
    Type: Coupe
    Number of Doors: 2
    Engine Size: 1.8 T 225bhp
    Mileage: 10000ish
    Model Year: 2001
    MOT Expiration Date: August 09
    Road Tax: September 09

    My missus' car for sale. She only uses it for short journeys as we work together so use the A4 for the drive. Her bro is a valeter and does the car every week so its mint as could be. She just fancies a change, something Porsche probably.

    Ill get more photos when I get a chance.

    Car is located in Northern Ireland, about 20 minutes from the ferry terminal.

    07894 869090 - my number so no dirty phone calls please.

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