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The Wait.....

Baldyone Feb 1, 2014

  1. Inkyfingers

    Inkyfingers New Member

    I don't know i'm afraid as wife took the call, she's not interested in the technical details, just when it will arrive!

    To be fair to Audi (Canterbury), when we ordered they did say delivery would be some point in March so it's on track, it had just looked a bit like it was going to be a bit earlier until recently.
  2. Baldyone

    Baldyone Active Member Team Daytona Audi S3

    We'll, it's very nearly over. Appointment this eve to go and meet my new car and get the formal handover out of the way before collection on the 1st. Only snag is the cars not there yet eeeeeek! No stress though. I have my reg and am assured it's due within the next day or so when I get to go in and play with it's switches and knobs.

    I have to say a big thanks to those that contribute on this forum and have made me just a little more Audi. Top job people! Your keeping me informed, amused and distracted all at the same time. Think my wife is jealous though

    Baldy (shaved head) almost audi owning mid 30's bloke from essex and now informed geek
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  3. Inkyfingers

    Inkyfingers New Member

    The wait is nearly over...now confirmed, picking ours up on 3rd March!

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