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  1. vanduara37

    vanduara37 New Member

    A vicar was walking along the riverbank when he spotted a frog sitting on a leaf in the water,he stopped to look at it and to his surprise the frog started talking to him,hello vicar once upon a time i was a beautiful young choirboy but some nasty witch put a spell on me that turned me into a frog and the only way to reverse the spell was for a vicar to take me home and let me sleep in his bed for one night and i will be returned to being a beautiful choirboy so i am begging you vicar can you do this for me,so the vicar decides to help the frog and picks him up takes him home and puts him in his bed for the night,low and behold when the vicar wakes up in the morning lying beside him is a beautiful choirboy.

    "So your honour that wraps up the case for the defence."

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