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The Unluckiest A3 in LONDON ! 2004

malik123 Nov 13, 2013

  1. malik123

    malik123 New Member

    Helloo thanks for viewing [​IMG]

    This is my first blog so bare with me [​IMG]. I have a 2004 audi a3 a very beautiful car however i brought the car with the head gasket blown... its fixed now but now reality has really hit [​IMG] i've got some problems and i can't seem to understand why and how i could fix the problems [​IMG].....

    • All water pipes are HOT apart from the one which exits once the stat opens, thats very very cold... no heat

    • Coolant bubbling

    • Both fans are continuously on unless i take the coolant cap off then the fans turn off

    • I turn heaters on but Heaters blowing out cold air... no heat

    Please can you help me

    Thank you

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