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The time has come to change over!!!!!

imported_vishal Sep 22, 2005

  1. imported_vishal

    imported_vishal Guest

    OK boys,

    As you probably know, having a bit of a nightmare selling my S3, but i believe i may finally have a serious buyer!!!

    So what next??!!! I took a Leon Cupra R, for a rip the other night, and found it a total delight!! With the bonus of an extra 2 doors!! The build quality was as good as a S3, and performance, and handling were not too bad either, so whats ur guys thoughts on this transition, and from what i hear, its actually cheaper to re-map these cars than S3's, plus i love the aggresive stylin. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. from the test drive I went out on I did`nt like the power delivery in 2wd format, It just was too easy to spin the front tyres. Other than that the car was nice.

    Oh and i didn`t like the **** end on them it just looks like they ran out of ideas at the rear of the car ????
  3. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Nice car the Cupra R!

    I don't fully agree that its built as well as the audi though, but its not shabby by any means!

    Go for it...

    You may want to have a search for a post by r88per. He has recently done this and wrote a review IIRC.
  4. necroeire

    necroeire Active Member

    How about the new Golf GTi? Next on the list would be the Civic Type R but that's if you want to stick to hot hatches.
  5. RacingTeatray

    RacingTeatray Freezing in Moscow

    The Cupra R is ok. I tried one for a day and would second the comments about the 2wd power delivery and the build quality not actually being nearly as good. I would get a 5dr new Golf GTi or 2.0T A3 Sportback (budget permitting) if you must have a 5dr. Or frankly actually an R32 5dr.

    I'm selling my S3 too - but I'm going to get a BMW Z1 instead! Sod the practicality!
  6. ImS3ola

    ImS3ola Member

    I dont see the point in changing a S3 for a cupra r - they are both so similar. Is it just the 5 doors that you need? What about a VW R32?
  7. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    erm why not a cupra R !?!? it's cheaper to run, just as quick and bigger !!!
  8. paul_brad

    paul_brad Member

    i like LCR, doesnt seem to be many about on autotrader though - good luck!
    Get as old a one as you can, cos theyre gonna be worth about 10p a lot quicker than the S3!
  9. MikeA3

    MikeA3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    The cupra R is really nice - I went out for a spin in a friends and thought it was excellent (especially for what they cost compared to it's other VAG siblings)

    How much did you get for your S3 in the end?
  10. Haven't been in a Cupra R but they look quite nice.

    Not sure why you would change the S3 for one though? Is it because you want 5 doors?
  11. nlw73

    nlw73 Member

    cupra R is a sound car for the dosh

    I thought they have an LSD so slip should not really be an issue?

    drove a chipped one and quite a whiff of torque steer over the 225 std version.

    other than that they look the nuts...great in black!

    better brakes than the S3 as well!!

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