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The search continues......

H3ppy Jun 13, 2013

  1. H3ppy

    H3ppy New Member

    Thought I had eventually found a good s3 today, was exactly what I was after, black with black leather, and completely standard apart from a few subtle engine mods and sitting at 93k.

    Went to see the car which was advertised about a grand below what it's worth due to a quick sale needed and the paintwork needing attention. It was as described with plenty of history...... And when looking through the history I noticed an 8 grand receipt for a forged build, ihi turbo and various other bits and pieces!

    With me Thinking the current owner wasn't aware of what he had, I sheepishly scouted out the bay, but it wasn't adding up, some stuff was fitted (turbo and mani for example) but other stuff missing (fmic).

    After pondering it for a bit I had a look through the history again which is when I noticed the number plates on half the history was different to the car?! Alarm bells started ringing so I asked the owner what the scoop was, he seemed blissfully unaware of any discrepancies in the history which was worrying!

    After looking a bit deeper into the history I found a chassis number on a receipt so checked it against the car and It was different again!

    At this point I made my excuses and left, with the paintwork needing attention (roof rails and front arches) and having a possible ticking time bomb engine with no history was just taking on too much and not worth it in my eyes!

    Once home, out of curiousity, I decided to run a quick 'text check' on the car....... The number plate that was on some of the history (the forged build) came back legit and showed a yellow s3 that is still on the road ?? The number plate on the car came back as a cat c write off in 2006!!

    Lucky escape I think!

    So the hunt continues..... Anyone selling a decent s3 get in touch ;)
  2. Paradox1

    Paradox1 Active Member

    Close call there, good thing you wasnt too eager to buy it.

    you'll find a decent one
  3. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    Have a look in the classified on here mate...

    Chances are they maybe a forum member off here and in my eyes buying a car from an enthusiast is the way forward.
  4. H3ppy

    H3ppy New Member

    Yea having a car just now means I'm not desperate which I think always makes a difference! Determined to wait for the right one!

    I have had a look in the classifieds on here but they are all miles away (I'm in north east Scotland) but if it comes to it I will travel!

    To be fair to the lad selling it, he got it as a trade in to clear from a local garage and can't insure it (he had ten points) so just stuck it straight up for sale when insurance turned him down! He was probably completely unaware of what I found! Do feel a bit bad for him to be honest! We have all been young and I for sure know I have bought some right sh@te cars in the past because I was way too excited to care about anything else other than going fast on the drive home and showing of to my mates :laugh:

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