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The perfect launch....

tobycruse Feb 28, 2009

  1. tobycruse

    tobycruse Member

    For every type of drive (2WD/4WD) and every type of engine. What's the best way to get your car going quickly from a standstill?

    The reason I'm throwing this one out there is because i recently failed trying to beat a scooby off the lights. :(

    I realise in 4WD cars you can give more rpm but where is the sweet spot to dump the clutch? As soon as the clutch is dumped is the gas flat to the floor?

    These may seem like simple questions but i would like to know everyone's style, what works best? What's the correct way to get a perfect launch?
  2. eugegall

    eugegall Member

    I dont really know if im honest. I hardly ever do it but when i do...

    3500/4000 RPM. Have the car in the biting point with handbrake up.. One foot on clutch and one on gas. As soon a green light or a go flag then all at the same time handbrake off gas pedal down and clutch up... Thats how i do it?
  3. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    I don't touch the handbrake but everyones different
    I turn esp off and get above 4500 revs before releasing the clutch on green and by then my hearts a pounding like a freight train :laugh:
    oh and aircon and radio off :eyebrows:
  4. Jamiekip

    Jamiekip Member

    Hmmm, not something i'd recommend doing TBH - especially with your power Toby :)
    The S3 is, for some reason, quite tricky to get off the line quickly I find, too easy to bog down and loose the boost... sometimes I've got it just right, but it's rare. I elected to not ecven bother, feeling better about getting the wheels rolling before giving the car a hard time.

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