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The New 2013 S3

T3KT0N1K Jul 25, 2013

  1. T3KT0N1K

    T3KT0N1K Member

    Hi guys.

    I've just briefly read through this article, which states that the new car uses the same old engine, but with 296bhp and a 20%increase in fuel efficiency.

    "While the engine's 2.0-litre capacity is identical to its predecessor, it's been thoroughly reworked to produce an extra 35bhp and burn around 20 per cent less fuel - and the extra power is obvious, right from the off. Squeeze the throttle and after a brief pause as the turbo fills its lungs, the car punches forward with an urgency most hot-hatch fans won't recognise."

    Question is, how is this achieved and can I mod my engine to gain the efficiency?

    Thank you please.
  2. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    Nope. A remap can improve economy, but you'll struggle to make 20% gains unless you fancy spending ££££ that you'd never manage to make back at the pumps. The new engine is completely new, not just an evolution of the current S3, and the new car is lighter as well.
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  3. T3KT0N1K

    T3KT0N1K Member

    Ah. It would appear that I've mis-interpretated that paragraph. Bummer :(

    Cheers though Martay.
  4. RedDejavu

    RedDejavu Well-Known Member

    the only part that is the same is the block and capacity
  5. T3KT0N1K

    T3KT0N1K Member

    If that be the case, how are they improving the fuel efficiency?
  6. kwistof

    kwistof South East Events Moderator Regional Rep

    Lifted from the internet - so with this below along with a lighter car = improved fuel efficiency.

    [h=2]2013 Audi S3: economy and safety[/h]Following the usual EU testing regime, Audi says the new S3 will return over 40mpg – regardless of whether you pick the manual or the slightly more efficient DSG. CO2 emissions are similarly impressive for such potent performance, at 159g/km and 162g/km, respectively. Both cost £175 a year to tax.

    While you can’t realistically expect to achieve this level of efficiency day-to-day, the S3 does come equipped with a range of economy enhancing measures, including both direct and indirect injection, stop-start and energy recuperation.

    Audi drive select even includes an Efficiency mode, in addition to the usual Comfort, Dynamic, Auto and Individual settings.

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