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The never ending problem...

Field Mar 25, 2010

  1. Field

    Field New Member

    Just starting to rip my hair out here so thought I’d give you guys an update on my A3’s erratic personality!

    Got an A3 1.8T 1998 and since I’ve bought the car there have been things continually going wrong. The first and most annoying of them all is a shuddering that happens intermittently, and this is the main cause of concern for me.

    After looking around these forums for what seems like weeks, it seems that this problem is fairly common but I can’t seem to pinpoint exactly what this is.

    When starting the car (which is always first time), the car shakes and you can feel the engine chugging. The engine seems to idle at around 850 - 900 and this is only when the juddering is occurring. All other times it sits at around 1100 and drives fine.

    I’ve replaced the plugs and am considering replacing the Coils but if one of the coils was knackered would it not be a continual problem? as opposed to something that comes and goes?

    When I drive it, you can feel the loss of power and if you take your foot off the accelerator and put it back on it sometimes clears the problem and it kicks back in. When driving on motorways you can feel the power loss as well and I can’t seem to hear the turbo as I first did when I bought the car.

    Luckily one of the kind people on the Audi-Sport has agreed to run a check on the car next week but I thought I’d throw it out there again to see if anyone has any knowledge to part!

    Another problem I have is that when changing gear and putting my foot on the clutch, I can hear a spinning from the engine that I’m guessing is the flywheel? I know that this needs replacing but could this be a cause of the shuddering? Yet again it seems weird that the problem comes and goes rather than being all of the time. I’d rather just deal with one problem at a time…

    Such as shame as I love the car and it’s my first Audi but this thing is driving me insane! I think next time I shall go to a dealer rather than private, it seems like you can’t trust people nowadays!

    And oh yeah, I had my number plates nicked a couple of days ago which is nice. Just waiting for the speeding tickets and forecourt drive off bills to come through now! The w*****s…

    Thoughts on a postcard please!
  2. maninthestreet

    maninthestreet Active Member

    Does your car have a Dual Mass Fly Wheel?
    Report the number plate theft to the police.

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