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The McCanns

voorhees Sep 9, 2007

  1. Nickynibbles

    Nickynibbles Damn it where's 7th gear when you need it?!

    I saw this too, what do they expect to read:

    Monday - Had a poo this morning, stank a bit, must eat less fibre.
    Tuesday - Madeline playing up so gave her 10 sleeping pills.
    Wednesday - Whoops, killed the little tyke, me and hubby decided to bury her behind the villa, ssshh dont tell anyone!

  2. Biglockie

    Biglockie Aye you know it makes sense

    Alot of good opinons on here, I believe that if Maddy was taken there, is a very very very small chance, if any, of finding her alive due to the press coverage this story has had, and if she wasn't taken and the afore mentioned overdose has happened then we are left with the same result. A waste of a very very precious life at such an early age.

    To echo earlier comments I have a daughter of just 2 and there is no way under any circumstances she would be left alone, especially in a hotel room, foriegn country or not.

    I too have had a wee bit of suspicion about the mother reaction and willingness to involve the press with every move they are making.

    As for the police involvment in portugal, againthere are many questions which have been unanswered and may well stay that way with regard to the whole investigation.
  3. Andy D

    Andy D Member

    The McCanns have had a huge effetc on society and the way people are with their young children while on holiday. I really really hope they are telling the truth about what they know as the damage that has been caused by the whole circumstances and media attention is unreversable.

    My son Andrew who is 5 shouted "they've found her, they've found her dad, thy've found Madeleine!" I ran downstairs to see the news (yes he watches the news at 5) and he had got his wires crossed, they were saying that they would be searching a nearby church.

    I really hope we get to the bottom of it as the whole nation really do care about what's happened to tha t wee girl.

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