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'The Magician' & 'You Move You Die'

Ads Nov 23, 2010

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    Found a couple of brilliant Australian films.

    The first is The Magician.
    The film follows a Melbourne underworld Hitman carrying out his daily exploits.
    There are a few films with the same name but this one is an Australian mockumentary type film made in 2005 by Scott Ryan.
    It's a gem, and well worth a look.

    The second is You Move You Die.
    The movie takes place in real time and is about a shady guy trying to get back an engagement ring that got stolen when he was mugged. Lots of other stuff happens on his search.
    For the first 10mins or so I thought the film was going to be a load of **** with poor acting, but then it started to settle and became really entertaining.

    Both are probably downloadable from somewhere if you look hard enough.

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