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The Lazy FU**ERS

CMD Jun 30, 2010

  1. CMD

    CMD Pointing Forward's!!!!!!!!!

    The people i work with. I'm a yard foreman at a very large company which employs 22 driver's. I was amazed when a few of driver's had to drive different lorry's, now most of our lorry's are the same make and model and a few aren't. Some of our driver's got so pi**ed off that they started to scream like little kid's that have had toy's taken away from them. a few of our driver's asked me how the tail lift worked, one even wanted to know where the master switch was. And to top it all off some have never seen a digi tachograph.. When my mum was alive she use to say thing's about people that now ring so true.... Don't help those that can't help themselves. who need's kid's when you have this bunch. And one of my favorites... You can't teach pork, (meaning you can't teach a pig)..
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  2. tazzy baby

    tazzy baby Welsh & Proud

    haha i love people like that butty i used to work with guys like that but what they use to do was when my boss gave out my truck to them ( IE my days off or out of driving hours ect ect ) they would eat food and leave the crumbs and wrappings all over the place spill drinks all over the place and not clean up use my night out gear and lose half my things they even used my tv that i left in there, i didnt mind but they got no respect for other peeps things and what baked my noodle was one of them used my tv broke it and then put it back without saying anything to me like sorry so when i had a night out i had nothing to do but when i was put in their trucks and i forgot to put the box of tachographs away or summin like that they went nuts like a little child and as for the digi ones i find it harder to work my dvd player lol
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  3. S4twiggy

    S4twiggy Fully Certified Detailer!!

    thats wots wrong with the british these days col, no one will fend for themselves so not willing to learn how to do new things, when i was brought up i was told to do learn things or dont do it, as my old man was in the forces and my mum was a full time accountant me and my sis were left to fend for ourselves at an early age so everything that i know and have learnt today is by myself and im proud of that and its turned me into the independant man i am today.

    Example: my mate has been brought with everyting done for him(you know...one of those) so i find it embarrasing for him when his mrs texts me asking questions like "how do i drill to put up a picture frame" now i dont mind but my mate is sitting next to her rolling his joint and playing battlefield on xbox and he hasnt got as clue how to drill holes properly to put up a measly pic frame, i do it for her as he is lazy and if it werent for me half of the pictures shelves mirrors would be still on the floor. WAKE UP PEOPLE and start fending for yourselves, nothing is too hard in this world and if your taught 2 or 3 times then thats it, its there in your head to stay and you can start not being dependant on others.

    OH and how sad is it that a man is too lazy to even get off his **** to get a driving license, now that i cant relate too. i could never not be able to drive. but thats going back to being dependant and not independant. RANT OVER

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