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The importance of alignment

Triple.O.G Dec 20, 2011

  1. Triple.O.G

    Triple.O.G Active Member

    Geezers, I have had my car for 18 months now and in that time its been on 2 sets of coilovers, 4 different lots of dampers and 2 different sets of lowering springs but like a complete douche bag I have never bothered to get it aligned during all this fettling.

    I have noticed since putting on my latest set of coilovers that my car seemed to be kicking the rear end out on right hand turns but not so mcu on left, also it feels like im driving on skateboard wheels, very unstable and not much contact with the road, 80mph on the motorway could be quite frightening.

    I obviously knew what the problem was so popped it into Gordans Tyres today in Wakefield for a 4 wheel laser alignment on there however many ££££££££££ machine.

    He came back to me after a few minutes and a real effort getting it onto the ramp and said my rear wheels had real bad positive camber and my fronts weren't much better, £60 and an hour later and the car feels so secure and sturdy on the road now.

    very please, sorry to go on but I think its important that people understand the importance of having it checked after you mess with the suspension before it gets really bad like mine and becomes dangerous to drive.
  2. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    I wish everyone else shared your wisdom mate, but they don't because obviously 'they know better'!!!!

    At least this winter you should still be on the road whilst they're in a ditch or buried in the **** of another car.

    Good post.
  3. RMH1A4cab

    RMH1A4cab I'm in Cruise control

    This was something I did every year on my previous car An S2000, I've yet to get the audi done due to various things but I will get it done soon.

    Wheels in motion (south) and centre gravity (midlands), are 2 I can recommend.
  4. Triple.O.G

    Triple.O.G Active Member

    Thanks for your input guys, to be honest it is always something iv never put much thought into but will be taking it very seriously from now on, plus if you go and your alignment isn't out they generally wont charge you so it doesn't hurt to go and find out especially with the weather the way its going to be.
  5. marktdisport

    marktdisport Active Member

    had mine done when i brought it as it felt a little uncertain in which direction it wanted to go aswell, now so much better and lot more positive, and also a big factor with mpg if its running out
  6. *Adam

    *Adam Member

    As soon as I fitted my coilovers you could feel and hear the car skip when turning left. Had the alignment sorted. It was out by soooo much!
  7. Triple.O.G

    Triple.O.G Active Member

    Aw mate, mine had back to the future style camber only positive, ha ha I can't believe how bad it gets knocked out from lowering?!

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