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mike foster Aug 25, 2010

  1. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Hi guys - I have spent ages and ages trawling through all the threads that I could find to do with the required ECU for cruise control AND mfsw. I have successfully (sort of ) retro-fitted CC and now wish to try a mfsw just because I want the radio controls to hand basically. I have bluetooth fitted but it's only a Nokia one and whilst it mutes the radio on a call I doubt if the mfsw will control it. My car is 2006MY ( July 2005 build ) 2.00 TDi Sport and the steering ECU installed is 1K0 953 549 AF which works with cc albeit in a slightly different way from that which the switch seems to be designed for !

    Anyway my point is this - I cannot believe that out of the dozens of different steering ECU's fitted on A3's the only one that will work for both systems is 8P0 953 549 F ( or 1K0 953 549 F ). There are various ones on ebay and even more on ebay.de but none of them are version 'F'.

    Could I ask those of you with mfsw and cc who have access to VCDS to check which version they have installed so that I can see the alternatives, if any !! Of course, if anyone already knows of a different version that works with both please tell me.

    I could go to Audi and get the 'F' version but surely there must be a version available somewhere that works and isn't £150 ish !

    Thanks in advance guys - I look forward to any replies

    Cheers :beerchug:
  2. aristides

    aristides Member

    Mate afaik 8P0 953 549 is your only choise to have both!

    In my 2008 Sportback i had an ECU 1k0 953 549 AH and it only supported Cruise. So after my search i realised that there is no alternative.

    As for the price, i bought the ECU + cruise control stalk from ebay for 100 euros, not bad huh?
    So keep searching and you will defo get a bargain at some time!
  3. mike foster

    mike foster Fossie VCDS Map User

    Thanks Aristides - I'll keep looking !!

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