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The first time I've taken my S3 on a long run!

MrTackalakalaka May 1, 2012

  1. Until now I have never been out of Cornwall in my S3. I've never needed to travel that far.
    A friend of mine wanted to have a look at 2 cars up in Birmingham and I was quite keen to give my car a run!

    Woke up early this morning and headed up to Birmingham. First car we looked at was a BMW 330i it was in a small court yard with about 25-30 cars in it, surrounded by horrible green fencing. A static caravan tucked away at the back. Knocked on the door and a little Asian man answered the door. Couldn't understand a word we said to him. Anyhow he gave us the keys. Started it up and there were more warning lights on the dashboard than a council house at Christmas! ABS light, Brake Light, Handbrake light (wouldn't turn off when the handbrake was let off). There were a few more lights but I can't remember what they were.
    Took it for a test drive, lovely car and was bloody quick but the brakes were binding and we also noticed cambelt looked very worn and there was lots of other bits in need of a change.
    My mate was gutted because it was a nice looking car.

    2nd car......see if your mouth opens when you hear what we find!

    A VW passat estate, just down the road from the first place. We were greeted by more Asian fellas that probably spoke as much English as a goat! We got the keys off them and had a look at the passat. From the outside it was spotless, really nice car. Had a quick look through the window at the inside. All looked ok! My friend opened the door and immediately we were horrified by a F**K off great hole in the floor and the seat where there had been a fire! The seat was knackered as well as most of the drivers footwell. They wanted £1600 for this!! We gave the keys back and went to the local shop, picked up and auto trader and then went to a McDonald's for lunch.

    My mate found another BMW but this time it was a 320i. It was in Luton. So we gave the guy a call and then headed over there. Lickily this one was as it was described in the magazine! My friend took it for a drive and straight away did a deal with the guy and managed to knock him down £350.

    The drive In my S3 was awesome, such a nice ride and it was faultless! I now love my car even more! It's awesome! The drive back was good as we had some fun on the A30 and we also had a play against a few other cars on the road! Even stopped off at gordano services and got some Krispy Kremes! Was well worth it!

    (just realised i forgot to add that the first two cars we sore were advertised as perfect cars with really good write ups)

    Definitely looking forward to doing more work on my car and then driving up country and bit more!

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