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The first 36hours of ownership

rossmac Sep 10, 2006

  1. rossmac

    rossmac New Member

    Hi all,

    Jus thought i would put a note / lengthy story on here to say hi and a overview at the comedies of disasters i have had since picking up my 1996 tdi.

    Went and picked up my immaculately clean 127,000m 1-owner 90bhp tdi from Waltham Abbey for what was a bargain price of £1600 at 12pm yesterday (to replace the s13 nissan 200sx as doing 300+miles a week).

    :racer: On drive home my dad said it was smoking a bit under full accelaration and i felt the engine judder at 75mph, (somethings to check out later). Got home let it cool for an hour then checked the oil and decided an oil and filter change was probably a good idea, so drove to halfords, enroute lost the use of most electrics (indicators, stereo, heater controls, sunroof) but nothing else. Got there and checked all the above was still not working. Having bought everything was waiting behind a rover to pull out when car rolled forward under gravity and bumped it, luckily no damaged to either car, just removed a bit of dirt from his car and a bit of pride from me!

    Got home and investigated the electrical problem and found it to be a loose key / igntion the slightest nudge setting the electrics on / off. No Big problem there but somehting to look into later. Had some dinner then....

    In attempting to move the car for dad to get off the driveway found the car didn't start, starter motor going but not engaging the engine. Tested battery for weakness but fine. So after some knuckle scrapping and cursing audi engineering design dept:weight_lift2: whipped the old starter motor out and tested it on bench, worked fine! Big mystery ... but put it back in and tried again ..... no luck. Banged it with a hammer:banghead: again nothing. Diagnosis: Dead Starter motor. Called it a night.:lazy:

    Woke up whipped the starter out again and look for a replacment. No places open or instock! Investigated all the problems on Audi-sport.net, seems i have a load of common problems and thanks to its helpful members a link to a guide to the ignition switch replacement.

    So took the steering wheel off, (after being a bit scared of setting the airbag off). At which point my next door neighbour and friend pulled up in his newly purchased elise:hubbahubba: , and took me out in it. Came back with a smile so wide and a heart full of envy!

    So now have one car on driveway not going anywhere with bits missing from the engine bay and interior. One starter motor to be repalced by local vw/audi specialist and one ignition switch to buy at local audi dealership. And a beutiful elise parked next door. And some smoking and juddering to check out. What a weekend!

    Just looking out at the audi now i still love it, just needs some rs4/6 wheels and a chip/remap in and i'll be well happy!
  2. rich1068

    rich1068 Member

    lol! Welcome to Audi-Sport!
  3. jdp1962

    jdp1962 Grumpy Old Moderator Staff Member Moderator TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Gold Supporter Team Tornado Audi S4 quattro Black Edition s tronic

    You also need an Audi-Sport.net sticker!
  4. D8MOA

    D8MOA Member

  5. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Hello and welcome.
  6. Olly_K

    Olly_K Administrator

    welcome to the site :)
  7. dubhyper

    dubhyper Illegally Street

    dude it happens to us all sometimes...allas it will all come good shortly.
  8. hop2407

    hop2407 Active Member

    Hello and welcome ... as above, I'm sure you'll tackle and sort the 'teething' problems.....
  9. Peloton

    Peloton Member

    lol Hi & welcome to the forum! And I thought things like that just happened to me! :friends:
  10. rossmac

    rossmac New Member

    Cheers guys (and gals if any)

    Glad to report all sorted now, got the parts (igntion form audi £25 and starte from an independant (£91 + VAT)) yesterday evening and put it all back toghether and started first time with a reassuring click from the ignition switch.

    Just come back from my first 70mile round trip to work and only used about 1-tenth of the fuel gauge, now i remember why i bought this car! But my god is it like driving a giant comfy marshmallow! (please bear in mind i have just changed from a lowered 180bhp nissan s13 200sx!) so i will need to add some suspension mods to my earlier shopping list.
  11. roadrunner

    roadrunner Member

    It could have been worse. My brother collected his brand new pride and joy from the garage (first time he'd had a brand new car) drove out of the garage and up to the traffic lights (200m) where he stopped and waited at some red lights. WHACK! Someone drove into the back of him! In the end it was a write off but at least he wasn't hurt.
  12. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    hello and welcome
  13. marmite

    marmite Counting the Tesco Club points

    hello and welcome !
  14. dubhyper

    dubhyper Illegally Street

    lmao...couldn't have put it any better myself. o and whatever you do....dont buy springs on there own..
    i did...
    and 4 days after fitting them - i bought a set of coilovers..
    the standard shocks are awful..

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