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The dreaded whats it worth thread!!!!

cfoster Mar 28, 2011

  1. cfoster

    cfoster Member

    So the dreaded whats it worth thread!! Still in two minds what to do, kind of had enough of the Audi, not entirely sure why as I don’t think there will be another car out there (at that price range) that can match it for performance, practicality, reliability (and Milltek noise!!). I've owned it about 8 months now which is the longest i've ever owned a car for in the 14 years ive been driving!!
    Anyway i’m aware that B6 S4’s can range from anything from 8k to 14k so not really sure where mine sits......
    Car is a late 53 plate but with a private S4 plate which will stay on the car
    81000 miles
    Full service history, 99% sure it’s all Audi except the last which was done at TTS Roadsport (where I bought the car from). Have all the old MOT's, tyre reports and other bills / invoices that the car has collected over the years.
    Dogknob Red but vinyl wrapped matt black as most will know. Bodywork though is minty mint underneath and all original so not covering any dodgy paintwork, rust etc!! Photos have been taken during the wrap to show work in progress.....

    Has full Black heated Recaro (nappa), seats are also electric with electric lumbar support

    RNSE stereo with the twin SD card slots. Got the Europe CD but not the UK
    Bose system (best sounding standard hi-fi IMO
    Xenon headlights, auto height adjustment etc etc
    Courtesy lights pack and the take me home pack
    9.5x19” alloys with 235/35/19 Falken 452s (not even a month old and I paid £1000 for them!
    H&R suspension (under a month old)
    RS4 Anti Roll Bar
    New front wishbone arms (noticed a knocking noise and wasn’t sure which one it was so replaced them all for piece of mind!
    BMC Panel filters
    Milltek non-resonated exhaust (awesome sounding!), also have resonated centre section I will chuck in
    I’m about to fit new brake discs and pads on all round (not cheap!)
    Original unused spare 18” Avus alloy and tyre
    Carbon detailing (blades, rear lower valance etc etc....
    Dog matt and nets
    Rear blinds
    Audi cargo net in boot
    I'm sure i've missed loads of factory options so may add to this!!
    Car itself is mint, been a joy to own, still in two minds about the matt black wrap but its easily removable back to the red (as per when I took the white wrap off!!) Leather is in mint unworn condition with no rips, tears or signs of age.
    It’s always been snow foamed when washed (when it isn’t wrapped) and always kept polished clean!
    Overall it’s a fully sorted beautiful condition S4 with no faults, a real head turner and most usual mods already done on it!!! Obviously aware that the mods won’t put too much value on it as they are purely selling points in my eyes, but what do you think its worth?

  2. xs2man

    xs2man Member

    Personally, I'd be asking £12k for it. More obviously had it been lower miles, but this is obviously one of the top S4's in the country regardless.

    The £14k bracket I would think is more for lower mileage dealer cars really. But yours has got to be worth £12k. Whether it will actually sell for that is a different story though.

    Mine is obviously at the bottom end, asking only £8k for mine, and okay, it isn't mint, but it wouldn't take £4k to get it back, lol. But I have had no interest at all over the months for a cash sale, and while I have had a few px offers, nothing that I could go for (The M5 was quite tempting though).

    Personally, if your not that bothered to sell, I would ask top money and hold at that. The matt black vinyl alone will help get that coin.

    That said, if you are looking for a quick sale, I do know of someone with a £10k budget looking for an avant. But I don't think I would sell your car for that cash.
  3. cfoster

    cfoster Member

    I was hoping around the £12 / £13 mark as it happens so good that i'm not far out! I've just calculated i've spent £2500 on it in the last 2 months (not on fixing, just maintenance and mods!!!!)
  4. CHRIS555

    CHRIS555 DOPE with added OCD

    What are you looking to replace it with mate?
  5. cfoster

    cfoster Member

    Not entirely sure to be honest, I did want an SL500 but found it too boring and old..... Looking at a 645Ci convertible beemer this week that i'm quite tempted by!!
  6. p1tse

    p1tse Member

    would say £12k is fair with the mileage. as it sounds a better condition than others i.e. well looked after would gain more interest

    wow, liking the choice of cars, definately different for sure

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