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The dreaded inlet manifold/throttle body and the F8 fuse!

DPMSCOT Aug 3, 2010


    DPMSCOT 2nd Gear

    Hi all...

    I'm a newbie to this site, and after a couple of weeks of trying to get the bottle up to tackle this on my 2.0TDi, I eventually tackled it yesterday but there's a problem!!!

    The short version, which has been written about so many times...

    Engine Managment Light comes on one day but no real change in performance. I borrowed a friends scanner and it comes up saying 'intake flap resistance too high'. Of course, I then get that horrible sinking feeling, as I know this is potentially an expensive one having already had this problem on my A6 and was stung big time by the dealer. This time though I decided to do it for myself!

    I removed the IMF and it wasn't as bad as I feared, so I cleaned it up and it came up really well. I couldn't see any of the teeth being broken as suggested on some of the other threads and when I push it with my finger it closes and springs back without any problems. I put it back on the car and had my wife press the gas while I checked if the flap moved, but nothing happened. Still unsure if that's what meant to happen, I reconnected the hose, reset the EML with my mates MaxiScan and took her out for a run (the car not the wife). The light stayed off, but this morning I started it up and the EML was back on.:banghead:

    I've read other posts on this site back to front, and almost everyone says check the F8 fuse. I now have 2 issues:

    1: I have no other problems like A/C or ECON or anything else like that as has been suggested on the other threads

    2: Where the is the F8 fuse in a B7? Ive been in and around the battery (as suggested) and found the pollen filter and Engine Management Unit, but I can't find this fuse anywhere and it's driving me nuts. I have been into the fuses at the end of the dash and there is nothing blown or that points to this unit.

    I know there is probably a really simple reason I can't find the fuse and it might be that the unit is knackered, but if someone could advise I will be a very happy man. (The wife and kids will be happy too).

    :crying:CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP???:crying:
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2010

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