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The discount / Dealer used

brettp Mar 29, 2010

  1. brettp

    brettp Member

    I am currently looking at purchasing a BE S3 or BE A3 170, still not sure what part of me is winning. The side that is sensible and gets the oil burner or the side of me that gets the S3, a car that I have always wanted. hmmm

    I have seen numerous posts of people getting 10-12% discount, possibly even more in the deal.

    I have been to a couple of local Audi dealers and to be honest my experience has not been good at all, Bradford Audi just blatantly ignored me. Huddersfield audi have been ok, but offering me £500 of a new S3 and telling me thats it, just isnt good enough for me.

    I think that If I ask my girlfriend to spend another weekend in a car showroom whlst going through the usual rubbish, I will end up single.

    I believe that Aberdeen Audi are pretty good from reading posts on here. But wondered if anyone could possibly post the name of the dealer and or contact and an idea of discount. I appreciate if anyone doesnt want to give exacts of costs as it is personal, but If I could spend a few hours ringing around as opposed to driving around, it would certainly keep me in a relationship a little longer.

    Many Thanks in advance
  2. aristides

    aristides Member

    You won`t need a girlfriend if you own a S3 :jump:

    Plenty will come later on :rockwoot:
  3. percymon

    percymon Member

    If you don't have a trade in then buy via a broker such as www.Carfile.net who offer 10.5% off because they buy loads of cars and deal with the fleet sales side of the dealerships.

    Go armed with a quote to a dealership and most will get somewhere close, companies might be starting to buy cars again but not many private punters are now scrappage has finished.
  4. Brett Butler

    Brett Butler Member

    The big discounts are generally only on stock new cars all ready built, or have been ordered to be built by a dealer, thus you have to find one that has options that suits your requirements, all the dealers have a pool of cars they can look to if they do not have their own that suits you. If you order a new car to your spec that is to be built for you, the discounts offered are a lot less
  5. percymon

    percymon Member

    can't comment on other brokers but carfiles discount applies to stock cars or a new order, and they don't seem to be any different on delivery times, despite some people saying brokers orders take less priority .

    Drivethedeal give just under 10%.

    That's for normal A3, not checked S3.
  6. -Ju-

    -Ju- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Team Panther Audi S3

    Can't advise on discount mate, but all the dealers around here are part of the same sytner group, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Leeds and Harrogate so your unlikely to be able to get much movement between them. Have to say though in my experience Bradford are the worst!
  7. Gemma1

    Gemma1 New Member

    I'm not sure if this only applies to new cars but 'what car' mag do a thing called target price, you give them the car and spec you want and they give you the best price straight away. Only found this out yesterday because I put a deposit on an a3 1.6tdi s line at £23k from stock at cardiff audi, target price got it for £21,100 but I'd have to wait until July. When I phoned cardiff audi to see if they'd match it or even give a discount they said if they did that they'd have to close down!! They wouldn't drop the price at all so I got my deposit back and will go back to target price. Hope this helps?
  8. percymon

    percymon Member

    The WhatCar target figures are supplied by Pat Lawless at Carfile.

    The quote from Cardiff is complete tosh - fact is they don't want to give a build slot away for minimal profit, thats all. The car industry relies on fleet sales and all carfile are doing is obtaining the discount the fleet buyers get. Trouble is the guy in the showrrom has a different set of sales bonus criteria to the fleet guys. Ordering a new car in March/Sept is never going to be easy to obtain decent discount sat in the showroom - the dealerships have increased showrrom traffic due to the new plates, so their sales for that month are relatively easy. Walk in last week in December/Jan and they're more likely to play ball as they are all chasing their volume bonuses, not just for them but their sales directors too.

    I used the carfile price to get the discount on my Mk6 Golf - got the quote, walked into local showroom, showed them the price and they got within £70 which was good enough to get my business.

    If Cardiff is your local then you are going to have to travel a bit to the next delaer or two, Bristol, Bath, Worcester, Hereford i'm guessing. I suspect Cardiff, by its location and lack of Audi dealers in its vicinity has plenty of business customers so can play a little hardball with the public sales.

    Get the quotes, from Carfile, or Drivethe deal and then go back in to see them - tell them they are you're local, you'd rather them have the sales and servicing business and what can they do against your quotes.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2010
  9. S3RYE

    S3RYE Interior Next!!

    11% off new car, was in stock, new s3, watford audi :icon_thumright:
  10. adymcd

    adymcd Member

    I got around 10% off my S3, the car was a factory order to my own spec.

    The dealer was Sheffield Audi and the salesman Russell Dent, worth a call as this was the easiest car I have ever bought.
  11. brettp

    brettp Member

    Thats Fantastic, when I bought my VRW nurburgring, I called the salesman from Nottingham, got his best price, and then called back, squeezed a set of mats, chuffed with the deal and paid over the phone. Didnt even go to the garage.

    Thanks for all the help guys, really helps.

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