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The Countries obesity problem

Crazyfool Jun 23, 2010

  1. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    Why is it that:
    - £12/ month will allow an entire family to sit down in front of the TV, but it costs £50 / month per adult to go to the gym
    - A fizzy drink costs 60p and yet a flavoured water which is supposed to make you 'feel good' is £1.80
    - A chocolate bar costs 60p and a healthy bar of some description is over £1

    The list goes on....

    And why is it that my local garage sells:
    - 500ml + bottles of soft drinks and only one make of can
    - grab bag crisps rather than normal sized packets
    - doubles and king size bars of chocolates and very few standard size bars

    Obviously this is only part of the reason; but what is going on???????.....:sadlike:
  2. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member


    You pays your monies and makes your choice!!:tocktock:

    Same principle applies with electric/water powered cars, it could stop pollution but the oil companies would'nt make any money would they.

    The government dont care about your health and neither do any of these other companies, its all propaganda.
  3. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    Yup...just about sums it up!
  4. grim ree

    grim ree Old-n-crumbly

    At the end of the day -if you want to stay healthy, don't eat **** - perhaps too difficult a concept for fat barstewards? - or is it just greed?
  5. alijames

    alijames Active Member

    Because they can charge proportionally more for the larger packs, as you cannot compare them easily with supermarket prices. People don't realise how much they are being conned, without the comparison...

  6. Nilz

    Nilz Defo worth the wait :) Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group quattro Audi A4 S-line owners group saloon Manual

    Alot of petrol stations charge extra as they know ALOT of people will come in with company cars and they dont care what they pay for petrol or 'extras' as it all gets claimed back on expenses....

    I know people that drive company cars/vans etc and will always use super unleaded/v power diesel, as its more expensive and they can...on the other hand for their own vehicles they will always find the cheapest fuels.

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